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SBI Question of the Day: What does TFC need to do to be the best MLS team ever?


Toronto FC has already accomplished quite a bit over the last couple seasons, and the club’s place in history remains an ongoing debate.

The club has gone to back-to-back MLS Cup Finals. They won the second of them after setting the record for the most points in the regular season. Now, they’ve become the third MLS team to reach the CONCACAF Champions League final in the last ten years.

That’s already quite the resume, but do they need to do more before they are considered the best MLS has ever seen? Do they need to take down Chivas de Guadalajara in the CCL Final? Do they need to win another MLS Cup? Do they need to win the CCL and have a strong showing in the Club World Cup? Or, maybe they already are the best in MLS history.

Vote in the poll below and move to the comment section to tell us what TFC needs to do to earn the designation.

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  1. This team is special. I know that DC had some great great squads … GALS did too with the Buddle, Keane Beckham and Donovan group … hard to compare eras but those Canadians are pretty special.

    • Can’t believe I didn’t mention Rico, Dero and Chong era Dynamo!!! or the Buffalo Bills… excuse me, The Revs

  2. They are in the argument, obviously. With last year alone.

    They win CCL, hard for anyone else to say that, because in current format no one else did.

    Good for Toronto and the fans that stuck through the whole way. A bunch didn’t. And welcome back but I am happy for the ones that did. The rest of them, forget it, I am rooting for my Sounders.

  3. “Use the $5 million + for Bradley and the $5 million+ for Altidore (hence get rid of them) and get 2-3 solid DP’s caliber players (especially attacking midfielder and striker) to support and supply Giovinco”
    Oh wait that’s not one of the selections….damn

    • Whether they are needed or not on the national team is debatable, but they are both integral parts of TFC and TFC wouldn’t be where it is without either of them.

    • You don’t watch TFC much, huh? Altidore is money for them, maybe even as prolific as Giovinco. And Bradley is their engine, their heart, their pace setter, their leader…


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