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U.S. U-20 Marlon Fossey signs new contract with Fulham


A young American defender has signed a new contract.

Fulham announced on Wednesday that Marlon Fossey has signed a new deal with the club. Fossey was a member of the U.S. Under-20 Men’s National Team’s squad for last summer’s CONCACAF World Cup qualfying tournament, where he played every minute through the team’s run. However, a groin injury forced the right back out of the subsequent World Cup.

Fossey’s new deal will keep him with the club through the 2020 campaign with a team option for the next season.

“I’m feeling great,” Fossey told the club’s website. “It’s a good feeling, certainly another milestone in my career. I set this target out a couple of years ago and it’s a good feeling to achieve it. I’m happy Fulham have shown loyalty and interest in me considering I was out with an injury for a long period of time. I’m excited to get stuck back in, next season is the season.”

“I’m excited to have Marlon with us at the Club for another two years,” added Fulham Vice Chairman of Football Operations Tony Khan. “He is a fantastic player who has shown great personal and professional strength to battle back from recent injuries, and I’m thrilled he will continue his development at Fulham. We all believe he has a bright future here.”

The 19-year-old right back has been a regular member of Fulham’s U-23 squad, making seven appearances for the club since returning from injury in January.


  1. History would say you are wrong MLS has consistently overvalued its players. It’s not all MLS’s fault part of it is American sports culture of why get rid of a top player just because they want to leave. In Europe because players can sign with anyone clubs have to show they are willing to move players so the next future star will sign with them.

    • Do you really think that if his value is $10mm they will not exercise the option and let him walk away because he wants to?

      • No, they will exercise the option and sell him for 8.5 million because 8.5 is better than 0. MLS would exercise the option and demand 15 and refuse to sell him for less than 10 (ask EPB about this). Part of it is the MLS roster rules fault if you sell say Tyler Adams for 10 million you can’t spend that 10 million on a player to replace him, you can only use 750,000 to buy new players, at least because he’s homegrown they get to keep the rest of the money. If more young stars like Larin are held up, you won’t see young stars like Almiron, Barco, and Martinez come to MLS because they will get stuck here.

  2. OMG, what do we have here? A team option?! Unbelievable! I thought only the “evil MLS” did that and it was illegal?!


    • Your overall point is correct, however, if Fossey were to ask for a move in two years Fulham would most likely allow him to go whereas MLS tries to hold out for overvalued transfer prices. European teams will sell players in final years of contracts to gain some value, MLS usually tries to keep them because teams low ball them because the player will be free in a few months.

      • If 2 years from now when the option comes up, Fossey looks good and has value, I am pretty sure Fullham will exercise the option and look to get what they would consider a fair transfer fee if Fossey wanted to leave. Same as any MLS team

  3. First team mins don’t look like they are in his near future at fulham especially with them most likely getting promoted this year. So if he finishes the spring off strong maybe a loan out next year for experience. Still has potential and with Yedlin and Moore ( just to name a few)ahead of him and both at fairly young ages at best he would be a third choice RB in the future. I do like his game and hope he continues to develop for club and country

    • Lol. Glad to hear you are willing to grant that even though he hasn’t won first team minutes at the ripe old age of 19, he should keep after it-still has potential/a chance at a career.


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