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Geoff Cameron, Stoke City relegated from English Premier League


The bright lights of the English Premier League will not be on Stoke City next season.

Stoke, who has had two managers this 2017-18 EPL campaign was relegated for next season following their 2-1 home defeat against Crystal Palace on Saturday.

American defender Geoff Cameron, who joined the club in 2012-13, made 20 league appearances for the team this season. Injuries paired with a lack of consistent playing time under manager Paul Lambert hurt Cameron’s season, with the 32-year-old making only eight league appearances since the start of 2018.

With the team destined for second tier football for the first time since 2007-08, it is unclear whether or not Cameron will remain with the club or look elsewhere this summer. He currently is under contract with Stoke until June 2020.


  1. Holy Crap guys. Cameron is an American player who has fought his way into an EPL side, who, until this year when they lost their top creative players was a mid-table representative.

    Cameron came out and stated his opinion about the firing of JK and not being played by Arena. I fault Arena for two injury related issues: (1) Arena brought in Fabian Johnson to play to full 90 minutes when he hadn’t played for his club team yet after injury, and then was disappointed with his fitness; and (2) for some reason failed to play Cameron in the last 2 qualifiers when Cameron had been playing. Neither of those moves made or make any sense to me.

    Now, maybe Cameron should have expressed a more enlightened position on immigration and the election of Trump, but he was asked; what’s a guy to do? This excoriation of a player who has done everything many people on this site say an American player should do by moving to Europe and playing in the best leagues is astonishing to me.

    • Midwest,….I have read GC’s quote on immigration. At minimum, it is an intelligent, reasoned view. No bigotry, no hate. Your assertion that he should have a more enlightened view is simply unfair.

      • Out of my entire comment . . . intending to defend Cameron from the bombastic comments above . . the only thing you responded to was the statement “more enlightened” to make my comment unfair to Cameron. Holy Crap again.

  2. I glad he’s down and done. He was also the genius caught ball watching when Portugal scored the tying goal in 2014. He isn’t the worst US defender, but he really shouldn’t be taking about anyone else either. People do have the right to criticize a player who wants to show his anti-immigrant views and support for a white supremacist president. I’m sorry if it upsets some people, and don’t see that simply as a ‘left-wing’ issue. That being said, Arena screwed up with his player selection with decisions like constantly using Omar Gonzalez, who may not be a DB like Cameron, but is really bad at defending for the US. It looks like he doesn’t seem to have that problem for his club team. The players let the country down with their attitude on that game. The WC miss can be blamed on Arena, but if Klinsmann we’re still in charge we’d be out of qualification much earlier…

    • Wow,…”who wants to show his anti-immigrant views and support for a white supremacist president.” Not sure about that. Maybe he is anti-open borders and pro-law. We are a sovereign nation and have immigration laws, after all. Maybe GC is pro-legal immigration? Maybe POTUS is pro-1st Amendment. I’m not down with white supremacy nonsense,…but I recognize their right to voice their opinion. I’m not down with Louis Faraqhan’s grotesque anti-semitism,…but I recognize that fool’s right to free speech. It’s the burden we bear. Sorry Joe,.. but you sound like the typical NYC left wing liberal echo chamber puke with his head up his ass. Can’t wait till we here that the piece of crap Obama weaponized DOJ/FBI. Have fun reading the forthcoming IG report.

  3. For those of you that didn’t read his article in “The Players Tribune” (Derek Jeters site) or only read a few snippets I’d suggest that you go read it, it’s awesome.

    As far as him being toxic in the locker room…thats coming from that same disaster of a coach who said he wouldn’t have done anything differently??
    He’s 32 years old and I’ve NEVER heard anything negative about him. I did read an article a while ago, and saw a brief thing on TV about how much he loved Stoke City, and how much they loved him there.
    Last year he was invaluable to them, playing 3 different positions…and reliable until he started having concussion symptoms this year.

    And now he’s toxic and a racist???
    I call total BS

    And as far as the assumption made by a few of you that the locker room had become toxic under Arena, site your sources?? All I ever heard after JK was fired was how much Arena did to unite the locker room and how the culture was better and blah blah blah….
    All Arena did was lead them to complacency.
    We need more Camerons

    • Thanks. After reading all these negative comments, seeming to come out of nowhere, I felt like I had stumbled into an alternative universe. I’m glad to find out that I’m not the only one who isn’t out to get Cameron It seems to me that Cameron is the type of player anyone would want to emulate. Steady, dependable, and valuable to his team. He had one bad game against Costa Rica for the Nats, but that’s about all I remember and he has played just about every game for Stoke when he wasn’t injured. Not too many Americans have played as many games in a top European league as Cameron. I wish we had more like him.

  4. Soccer in America is a very left-leaning sport as far as its supporters go. It’s been really interesting to watch the shift in viewpoint and treatment of GC since he let his views be known.

    Not saying it’s right or wrong, just saying it is.

    • The unspoken question is whether Cameron’s views led to some of this discord between him and some of the other players/coaches, and perhaps to some of the alleged locker room problems with the USMNT.

  5. From what I heard (and read) Cameron was toxic in the dressing room for the USMNT, either out of hubris or frustration and caused him to lash out at some players and the coaches, and it was almost certain to keep him from further call-ups (at least until we have a new USMNT coach), but at 32 years of age, is this his swan song? When his contract expires in ’20 at 34, will he find a club? In the UK or US? Or will he be like Jermaine Jones, a talented player but not worth the trouble.

    • What else did u hear other than his and Arena’s interviews? He was mad about playing a full 90 a week before the 2 biggest qualifiers and then being told he wasn’t fit to play and watch Omar’s disaster. I would be bitter too.

      • After the US failed to qualify, the UK press was all over Yedlin and Cameron (and others) for comments on what happened. While Yedlin was judicious in his comments, Cameron was not, and directly criticized players and coaches alike. While you can understand players angst over the loss, even the British press could see he did not handle it graciously. Even a Stoke-on-Trent press writer felt his criticisms were maybe uncalled for and set out several examples of Cameron gaffs in EPL games and the fact that Lampard benched him on several occasions for bad play

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