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Report: D.C. United agrees to deal in principle with Wayne Rooney


It appears that Wayne Rooney’s proposed move to MLS is getting closer.

According to BBC Sport, Rooney has agreed in principle with D.C. United on a deal worth approximately $16.2 million. It’s unclear what portion of the deal would represent Rooney’s salary and what portion would be a transfer fee to sign the English star. Rooney is reportedly set to sign through 2020.

Rooney rejoined his boyhood club in July 2017 from Manchester United and has 11 league goals this season for the Toffees. The 32-year-old has reportedly been unhappy with the Merseyside club.

Rooney won five Premier League titles and one Champions League title during his time at Manchester United, and is second all-time in the league’s goalscoring list.

D.C. United is currently in last place in the Eastern Conference.


  1. On one hand its probably a terrible disaster of a move on the field. On the other hand local news and sports talk has acknowledged DC United exist for the first time in years.

  2. Correct me if I am wrong… Everton signed him for free? MLS DC United pay 12 million? And just who on DC is going to get Rooney the ball in positions to score… its not like he is a blazer who can get behind the D or create something out of thin air anymore. This is a REALLY bad one in my opinion.

  3. Man there are some Red Bulls or Union fans in this comment section.

    I called this over a year ago and is a great signing. England’s top scorer of all time in his early 30s still.

    • The real issue is that he is as old of a 32 as one can be. He played in 620 professional games in an extremely physical and demanding environment. He is kind of 235 in soccer years

    • Apparently the last-place team in the Eastern Conference is not.

      Guess it’s worth the gamble. Worst case, he fizzles and DC at least sells a few jerseys and shows their fans (and other players) they’re willing to spend some money now, and establishes a name-brand signing history. Best case, he turns into another David Villa and really turns the fortunes of DC around. I suppose it’s possible; Rooney does have more than a little skill and might be able to bring that technical and finishing edge to DC that they badly need.

      It definitely does not show the ambition or scouting (and recruiting) acumen that teams like ATL or even Sporting KC – who have signed a number of relatively unknown but still VERY talented young guns on their way up – have shown, but for an organization that was seemingly perma-rooted in MLS 1.0 it’s a pleasant display of ambition, anyhow.

  4. reminds me a the kids berating Charlie Brown with his pathetic Christmas tree,

    Boy are you dumb. You have dumb some dumb things before…..but this tops all of them.

    $16.2 million ? I need to hear the terms on that.

  5. Alrightee then….

    Rooney was “unhappy” with Manchester United.

    He is apparently also “unhappy” with his boyhood club, Everton.

    I am sure he is going to be absolutely delighted to be playing for one of MLS’s worst franchises, even if their locker rooms are going to be a bit newer than he’s likely used to. Dream come true.


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