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Arena: Pulisic ‘in a great place’ with Borussia Dortmund


There have been no shortage of transfer rumors surrounding Christian Pulisic, and now his former National Team coach is weighing in on them.

Pulisic has been linked with moves to Premier League sides Liverpool and Manchester United over the past few weeks and former U.S. Men’s National Team head coach Bruce Arena feels like he shouldn’t follow through with either of them since he’s in the perfect spot already.

“I think Christian is in a great place. Dortmund has a very good reputation for developing players,” Arena told “In his couple years there with the first team, he’s done very well. Hopefully, he can continue to do that, be consistent at the club level, and if he does that, he’s going to be a real plus for the national team program.

“Any move Christian makes in the future, it’s important he goes to a club where he plays on a regular basis. There’s no point in him leaving Dortmund and going to a club where he doesn’t get the kind of minutes he needs to continue to develop.”

These quotes come shortly after Pulisic’s father brushed aside any rumors that his son was looking to leave Dortmund. He called the links to the Premier League “hogwash”.

Pulisic has 70 Bundesliga appearances for Dortmund and has scored nine league goals.


  1. Former Nice boss is taking over same roll at Dortmund. No need to leave before seeing what the new setup will be.

  2. update – “Bruce Arena claims Pulisic needs to move to MLS to stay with USMNT”
    update – “USSF reminds Arena that he was fired and is no longer relevant”

  3. I really don’t care to hear from Bruce Arena on much of anything right now.

    If he had ever troubled himself to acknowledge his failure and the massive hole he managed to put US Soccer in – while our former archrival Mexico was busy running Germany up and down the field in Russia, no less – I might be more inclined to listen.

    Instead he never troubled himself to apologize…and then went and tried to pimp a book on top of that.

    By the way, anybody who broke down the Opta metrics could tell you Pulisic was badly misused last year…and probably needs to get away from that Dortmund coach as soon as possible.

    • your comment makes me wonder, “why even bother reading the article”?? If you feel that strongly about Arena, you were doing yourself a disservice by reading it and then going on a rant about it. We get it, we didn’t qualify, but Arena isn’t the sole culprit for us not making it to Russia, and any thought to the contrary is one of pure ignorance and adhering to a lack of reality!

      • Ronniet: You must be new to SBI. If readers didn’t comment about idiotic comments from coaches, players, Don Garber, or Sepp Blatter, this forum would have shut down years ago.

    • Arena approach has always been the conservative way of staying where your at. Love or hate him I always liked that Jurgen encourage all of these guys to move on and fight for a spot. Hopefully the new manager is a good fit.

    • Maybe if Arena had paid attention to other US players abroad more he would have played Cameron instead of OG at CB and Fabian Johnson at LB instead of Villafana and we might have done no worse than tied T&T and we would be in Russia. Although I agree with Arena on this, Arena is a failed has been whose opinions don’t count for anything. More pertinent would be, what does Earnie Stewart think?


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