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SBI World Cup Day 2 Player of the Day: Cristiano Ronaldo


You can never count any team with Cristiano Ronaldo out, even when they are down, 3-2, to the best possession side in the world.

Ronaldo only added to his legend by single handedly earning Portugal a draw against rivals Spain with a hat trick, including this free kick hammer to tie the game in the dying minutes:

In a game that came just as advertised, Ronaldo made sure he stood out above everyone else. He became just the fourth player to score in four different World Cups and he did it with his first career World Cup hat trick.

His first came from the penalty spot after he won the foul after only three minutes. He then regained his team the lead just a minute before half time with a wonderful finish. Finally, he earned Portugal a valuable point with that amazing free kick seen above.

What did you think of Ronaldo’s performance against Spain? Heck, what did you think about that thrilling match overall?

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  1. The second goal was a wonderful finish in the same way Bale’s second in the Champion’s league final was. Ball hit from distance right at the keeper, who muffs it.

  2. What can you say? He is both skilled in the moment and anticipating the future. Drew two penalties with skillfully putting himself at the disadvantage in and out of th box.


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