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SBI World Cup Day 3 Player of the Day: Hannes Thor Halldorsson


Stopping Lionel Messi from the penalty spot and making save after save to ensure a draw in your country’s first ever World Cup match deserves plenty of praise.

That’s exactly what Hannes Thor Halldorsson did for Iceland, who held on for a 1-1 draw against Messi’s Argentina.

Halldorsson faced a barrage of 27 Argentinian shots and he stopped seven of the eight that were on target. His crowning achievement of the match, however, was flat-out stoning Messi from 12 yards out.

That right there is worthy of all the attention Halldorsson is getting.

In addition to his goalkeeping prowess, Halldorsson is a film director. He has a job waiting for him back in Iceland when his soccer career ends and he directed an Iceland themed Coke commercial leading up to the World Cup.


  1. my two cents: if you have the time, WATCH THESE GAMES. these games, RIGHT NOW, is THE BEST PART of the world cup. because the cinderellas are still at the ball, and their chariots don’t turn into pumpkins for at least another week or so. the field is wide open and anything is possible.

    soon the field will be cut in half and and half again and then two more games and the final and then the tournament will be over.

    WATCH THE GROUP GAMES. a lot of the pretty girls will be going home from the dance soon.

  2. iceland could go through now and argentina might not! the soccer world turns on moments such as these…

    maybe not player of the day, but another player who stood out for me yesterday was peru’s right mid, 18 carrillo. he basically started trouble for denmark every time he got into the play. he generated a lot of danger and creativity for the peru attack, i thought.


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