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Timothy Weah hoping to avoid loan, remain with PSG to start Ligue 1 season


Timothy Weah has one more match with the U.S. Men’s National Team before his summer break begins, but the young forward is already looking ahead to his future on the club level.

With new manager Thomas Tuchel set to take over at Paris Saint-Germain, Weah says his hope is to remain with the club through at least the start of the season as he pursues a spot with the team. Weah featured three times for PSG last season, including a start in the club’s final league match of the season.

“It is an incredible club, an incredible bunch of players, incredible coaching staff,” said Weah, according to the 42. “I am learning so much from playing with them each day at such a young age and I am maturing in a way that I really wanted to.

“I am seeing my game really develop for the better. I am really happy to be at PSG — I want to stay there and learn and hopefully get some playing time. I feel like loan is a little too early. I still want to be with them, get some more minutes and maybe at the end of next season or in the middle of next season, I will go out on loan. Who knows? It is up to the coach.”

Weah and the U.S. are set to play in France on Friday as the young forward looks to make his fourth USMNT appearance.


  1. He needs game minutes playing against men. Learning to play to his size against as big or bigger opponents. He did not win one ball in he air against Ireland?
    The transition from academy to first team is where most players fail or keep chasing the dream jumping from league to league and team to team.
    Should be a great test next Saturday for Weah.

  2. I watched him play in the recent US friendlies and was not that impressed. Yes- he had some nice moments against Bolivia’s C team. But against Ireland, not so much. I think he is simply a legit “prospect” and not there yet to pencil into the Nets squad (as starter or squad guy). I would be surprised if he gets much of a shot at PSG unless he improves considerably.

  3. I’d say the sincere version of the “loan” question is what would be telling here. With elite prospects the idea usually is roughly age 20 does he have an immediate future here. If he does he doesn’t get loaned out because the idea is to groom him for first team duty there. While them taking their time on Weah might not be ideal for MNT, it’s such a good team and he’s so young I wouldn’t be in a hurry.

    Now, the version that most lesser Americans are used to, those treated more like assets, is they loan you out immediately. But that to me betrays less investment in the player. In which case get me the heck out of dodge where they do want to play me.

    So to me it should really come down to does he have a PSG future. If they still think so I don’t think he should move an inch.

  4. If he can play in cup games and early champions league games and maybe a few league games then I don’t see why it would be that bad to wait till winter to get a loan. He is still developing and it seems PSG have done a decent job with him so far and he will probably get the call ups for fall friendlies as well so it could work out, I think there is enough mins for some playing time. Also when does their season start, some regulars might not be fully fit after recovering from world cup duties and their extra rest.

  5. Tuchel will certainly give him a chance if he deserves it; but, he doesn’t seem quite ready for many opps with PSG’s 1st team. A loan makes the most sense, as game reps will help him improve faster.

    • The Green comparison is apt, Weah already shows promise but the question is how much does he play (and how does he fill out, he looks like a kid). Paris tends to go out and buy starters — something the “keep working hard and they will promote you” types miss — and only used him in basically “garbage time” situations. I think he is so young he could stay in Paris’ system a year or two and not suffer in his career much for it, although it might slow his MNT trajectory. But for MNT purposes he like Green needs to be playing, and I am a big believer in Playing Time.

  6. This kid’s got something special. He’s frustrating at times and makes a lot of wrong decisions, but he’s the one player on the US team who excites me everytime the ball is on his foot. Pulisic used to excite me, but this past season he has been far too predictable and conservative.

  7. Stupid idea. We all know how it worked out for Green at Bayern and Green showed a lot more promised at that age than Weah does.

    • Rob, can you elaborate on what you mean by “Green showed a lot more promise at that age?” I’m genuinely interested in your assessment because Weah has more height, more speed (possibly?), and more trickery. If anything, they are equal in their respective contexts. Green sometimes made the bench for a great Bayern team. Weah sometimes makes the bench for a great PSG team.

      • You have to understand that Rob seemingly swore undying vengeance on the USMNT…the current working theory is that one of the USMNT guys ran off with his wife while the American Outlaws bulldozed his house and spit-roasted his dog over a flaming BBQ, and now he lives alone in a cardboard box, faithfully tapping vitriol into his Blackberry over public Starbucks wi-fi.

        Nothing else really explains his take on US Soccer. It is “negative”. To put it mildly.

      • Quozzel- It humors me that some people still bite on Lil’ Bobby’s idiotic posts, expecting to have a coherent, constructive exchange with him about the USMNT… But you, sir, nailed it on the head

    • forgive me? i think rob just said if weah goes out on loan, he’ll play more and if he stays with this club, he’ll play less. that’s probably a fact, yes? because psg is so elite. and the club he goes to on loan may be one level down, so it makes sense, yes?

      and it’s not negative. i think he wants weah to get more minutes, which is a good thing, yeah?

    • i think what is to be avoided (and agreeing with rob here) is the damarcus beasely type situation where all the player does is sit on a bench in europe and gets no playing time. (so then dmb went to a club in mexico and i believe he got a lot more minutes there. so imo that’s better for the player even if the club is a notch down from the one where he sat on the bench)

      • The thing with Green is he never had to do bona fides like Weah is now, he jumped straight to producing in a world cup, on past “promise,” and then when it was time to go back and show his work in regular friendlies he didn’t do it. So it’s a goofy basis for comparison. Very few players go straight into a world cup, and Green did not then integrate so seamlessly into the team permanently that he’s fair to compare that way either. He’s like the definition of a one-off. Timing, desire to outrace the Germans, etc.

        Weah has been the most consistently promising of the new players in the past few friendlies. That part is rubbish.

      • I mean the reason Green is in camp with the Kids right now is that he is essentially being treated as an unknown quantity. And yet he’s not a rookie per se so he gets to throw “Belgium” on the scales any time we threaten to forget him. It’s kind of like Freddy Adu, that one game has bought him several chances. So he is like simultaneously treated like “player of promise” and yet “living off that one game.”

      • DMB didn’t sit. He played fairly regularly with PSV before he got injured.

    • Rob got his internet privaledges back, neat.
      @twocents @soccering(rob2), read closely and you’ll see robs sentiment and yes it’s hilarious that people can’t see it and engage as if he isn’t an uneducated dirty little rat living in his mother’s basement with nothing better to do than troll a small soccer site.

    • Lie of omission. In the B3 & B4. GINORMOUS difference between what Weah did both at the U-17 WC and with PSG.


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