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World Cup Day 15: Live Commentary


The group stage ends on Thursday as the final two groups conclude with some intriguing matchups and plenty on the line.

Action starts with Group H, a foursome with plenty in play heading into Thursday’s clashes. As things stand, Japan and Senegal sit atop the group with four points with Colombia just behind with three. On Thursday, Japan takes on Poland, who is already eliminated, while Senegal faces off with Colombia as three teams battle for two spots.

The two spots in Group G are all set as England and Belgium will move on. However, the order in which they move is up for grabs as Thursday’s match will determine the group winner. Meanwhile, Panama faces off with Tunisia as the two sides look for their first points of the tournament.

The SBI Editorial Staff will be providing live commentary on today’s matches and would like you to join the fun. Feel free to join us and comment along in the section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. my two cents: what a strange kind of football england plays. the attack has no focal point. the players are spread around the field. a knife has an edge. where is the knife edge of the england attack? the match was interesting in the beginning, but as it wore on it became boring. and lifeless. i really miss the usa team right now. i know, i know, we’re going through some changes now. but generally speaking, our teams are always better than this. our teams have shape. our teams are never confused. our teams always know the plan, what’s going on. let’s come back, let’s win the ball back. okay, now we have the ball. the bald guy says let’s try down the left side. speedy backs overlapping instantly down the left side. all the way to the touch line. let’s whip in a cross. let’s win a corner kick. we’re great at corner kicks. we know just what to do. and usa games are never dull. ever. as the scoreline changes, the tactics change, but every player on the field knows the plan. and they all execute the plan together. i have really maybe not ever seen such a confusing, lifeless blob of soccer as i saw today from england. and against panama from england. two games in a row. not impressive. usa team, pls play again soon!


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