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Geiger, Marrufo appointed to referee next phase of World Cup


Two American referees could be involved in the World Cup’s final matches.

Both Mark Geiger and Jair Marrufo have been selected as two of 17 referees, 37 assistant referees and 10 Video Assistant Referees for the final phases of the World Cup. FIFA reduced the number of referees available on Wednesday as the tournament moves towards a close.

Geiger took charge of England’s win over Colombia, a match which saw the spotlight shine on the American referee. Geiger awarded a penalty kick to England in the second half before navigating an overly-chippy second half in England’s eventual victory.

In the aftermath, Diego Maradona criticized the American official, calling the match a “monumental theft”. FIFA, however, has come out in defense of Geiger and continued to have him as an eligible referee going into the later rounds.

Marrufo, meanwhile, is set to serve as the fourth official in Brazil’s quarterfinal clash with Belgium.


  1. Geiger has blown some calls in his career, no doubt. But in watching the England Colombia match a second time, from the perspective of a level 5 badge referee (me), I think he actually did a great job in this match. I was a pro-wrestling level festival of fakery and simulation, and he man-managed and match-managed well.

    If anything, the England Colombia match was proof of the need for more referees on the pitch, not better.

  2. Have yet to see a match with Geiger that has played out without some form of contreversy! Lost complete control of the game. It is WC, the ref cant be the headline!!!

  3. Colombians are sharing fake news with each other about Geiger being sanctioned by FIFA for his performance that game and also claiming CR7 saying Geiger wanted his jersey.

    • Was not a dive at all. The defender DID NOT ONCE EVEN look for the ball. Completely wrapped up Kane without knowing where the ball was. Obvious PK. FIFA even wants these types of fouls called and instructed the officials to keep an eye on this sort of “Defending”

  4. From what I saw on replay, Geiger’s calls were correct and it was a very difficult match. I was glad to see England win because Colombia played somewhat dirty and England was the better team for most of the match. Colombia could have easily had a player sent off for a head butt, they had no reason to complain.

    • I think the Colombia v. England game was a CONCACAF qualifier. Geiger has more than enough experience to ignore what he needed to ignore, call what he needed to call and card who he needed to card. No referee was going to get any credit for that game.

      What disturbs me is that Nigeria and now Colombia are taking potshots against our US refs after they lost. Sour grapes and simply anti-American comments which are disappointing.

  5. So out of the 64 possible options for Geiger what is he going to do?
    I have seen Geiger make some head scratching calls in MLS but thought he called a good match in England vs Colombia. Very difficult and hyper competitive scene in that match.
    Why did FIFA give Maradona any preferential treatment considering his past and present persona? Especially considering his greatest moment came cheating with a deliberate hand ball. Maradona should be made as an example of what not to do on the field and off it.


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