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MLS Miami expansion owner says New England is building Boston stadium


With D.C. United now playing at Audi Field, the New England Revolution are now one of the few remaining cases of an MLS team badly needing a soccer-specific stadium.

The Revs most recently attempted to build one near the University of Massachusetts Boston, but that fizzled in June 2017. However, their next plan may be in motion, according to the owners of one of the league’s new expansion franchises.

Speaking to The Miami Herald, Jorge Mas — one of the Miami expansion group’s key investors — stated that the Revs are in the process of beginning construction on a downtown Boston stadium.

“One of the only franchises left to build a soccer-specific stadium is the New England Revolution, which is owned by Bob Kraft of the New England Patriots,” Mas said. “They’re building a facility, I think, right near or next to Boston Garden, so they’re in.”

Mas’s statement may not hold much water, however. A Revolution spokesperson declined to comment on the situation and city officials claimed to know nothing of any stadium plans.

Man’ suggestion would have the Revolution playing home games in the heart of downtown Boston, which would be a dream come true for a team that has struggled to draw fans to Gillette Stadium, located 20 miles from downtown Boston.


  1. The Krafts will not build a stadium unless it was a deal too good to pass up. Recently Jonathan Kraft was quoted as telling nearby Rhode Island the Revs would be open to moving there, if the state gave them the stadium. Don’t hold your breath.

  2. Article just came out that said there were no plans to build a stadium in Boston off of moronic Mas comments. I am glad to see, and I hope it’s a trend, where fewer and fewer people are falling for this crap. I think these last few years have finally taught people a bit more about how thet are being manipulated and the “hits” game. The emotionally limited, uneducated and little kids will continue to do what they do, but hopefully the more middle of the road start tuning out these manipulators more and more…whether websites, social media or the news.
    Gives me some hope.

  3. I have lived in Boston for 10 years. Like every fan who knows the politics of the area and the Kraft’s indifference towards the team I say…..BULL***T. Complete and utter BS.


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