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Klopp: USMNT shouldn’t put too much pressure on Pulisic


Jurgen Klopp watched his former player Christian Pulisic star in front of an American crowd on Sunday in Charlotte, and after the performance from the U.S. Men’s National Team star, he warned against putting too much pressure on the 19-year-old.

“Don’t put too much pressure on the boy, hopefully you can have a few more of them and then play very successful soccer in the future,” Klopp said. “If Belgium and Iceland can go to a World Cup then so can the USA. I think he’ll be fine.”

Pulisic, who briefly spent time with Klopp at Dortmund before he left for Liverpool, netted a pair of goals and recorded an assist in the International Champions Cup victory over Liverpool.

“I didn’t see anything new, just that he’s a bit older and has new tattoos!” Klopp said of Pulisic. “He’s a fantastic skilled boy, and it’s not a surprise to see.

“He’s a smart player, and unfortunately the USA needs more of these players. He alone cannot do it all.”

Borussia Dortmund return to the field on Wednesday, as it faces Benfica in Pittsburgh as part of the International Champions Cup.


  1. Klopp said. “If Belgium and Iceland can go to a World Cup then so can the USA.”

    Was fuer ein Arschloch…

    • Yeah, just a bit too much condescension in Klopp’s words. We get it, USMNT blew it when it didn’t qualify for Russia, and took a step back on the world stage. But stop talking like we’ve never been there, that we didn’t rule CONCACAF for nearly 2 decades (yeah, we know, it’s not UEFA). And most USMNT fans understand that the kid can’t carry the program by himself, that’s why we’re focused on that entire age group around Pulisic as the foundation for the next cycle.

  2. Kloop is right about the USA needing more players of Pulisics’s caliber. Fortunately it looks like they may be in the wings with McKinney, Weah, Sargent, Adams, Carlton and a group of young defenders who are beginning to come into their own. After the drought of stellar players aged 21-27 it is good that the USA’s old guard now has rbetter eplacements.

    • Yeah I’d like to see the US really focus on that core. Even if they struggle in the Gold Cup next year. Build a roster of U23s looking towards the Olympics in 2020.

    • There really is a nice crop of young prospects beginning to emerge for the USMNT, so hopefully Pulisic will not have to carry the full brunt of expectations. However, considering he is the furthest along in his development he will be looked at to lead these young guns.
      I agree with Jack’s comment as well. “Focus on the core. Even if they struggle….Build a roster of U23s looking towards the Olympics in 2020”.

      Keeper: Steffen, Horvath, Gonzalez, Hamid, Bono,
      Defenders: Miazga, CCV, EPB, Moore, Robinson, D. Acosta, Cannon
      CM: McKennie, Adams, Parks, K. Acosta, Durkin
      Attackers: Pulisic, Weah, Sargent, Novakovich

      Throw in some of the fringe guys….Amon, Green, Wright, Gooch, Scott, Taitague, Hyndman, etc…. There is enough talent in the Pool that there should be some good competitions for roster spots over the next 2 + yrs.


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