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Mexico knocked out of World Cup with loss to Brazil


For the seventh straight time, Mexico’s World Cup run is over in the Round of 16.

El Tri fell to Brazil in Monday’s Round of 16 clash as goals from Neymar and Roberto Firmino led the way in a 2-0 win. The victory pushes Brazil to the quarterfinals for the seventh consecutive tournament.

Following a back-and-forth first half, Brazil finally broke through six minutes into the second half. Willian provided the assist, firing a pass across the six-yard box to Neymar, who tapped in on the back post for his second goal of the tournament.

Neymar then provided the assist on the insurance goal just before stoppage time as Firmino tapped in on the back post this time to seal the win.

The first half started in favor of El Tri as they turned up the pressure early with Brazil soaking it up. With veteran Rafa Marquez in the lineup, Mexico was composed but aggressive, dominating the wings early while picking on Fagner, who was replacing the injured Marcelo. As the half wore on, though, Brazil grew into the game, testing Guillermo Ochoa with a number of shots to close the half.

Early in the second half, Mexico was forced into using all three substitutes as Marquez’s age, Edson Alvarez’s yellow card and Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez’s early injury forced Juan Carlos Osorio’s hand before the 60th minute.

Brazil will now take on the winner of Belgium’s clash with Japan.


Neymar played his part in the game’s two big moments, scoring one and assisting the other as Brazil sealed the win.


Neymar’s goal rewarded an increasingly-aggressive Brazil side while putting Mexico’s backs against the wall.


An early injury severely limited ‘Chicharito’, taking away an extremely important piece of the El Tri attack.


  1. Mexico have nothing to be ashamed off…did their country proud…that Sweden game though…led to yet another exit in the Round of 16, and they had a very talented group of players.

    Brazil was just too much to handle on the day.

    On another note, can we send Roy Keane of old to mark Neymar for a game, maybe break his ankle of something?

    For all his talent, Neymar is disgusting POS.

  2. Well that ended exactly as I thought it would. Mexico really screwed themselves by not being able to just tie Sweden. After that Sweden game I lost all hope. This was probably as talented as Mexico will be for a while and they wasted it, such shame.

  3. Man of the Match: Miguel Layun

    …for not putting up with any of Neymar’s crap.

    Man, is the Brazilian #10 a spoiled little brat or what…

    • Neymar’s theatrics aside, this was clearly a red card for Layun. I don’t know why VAR missed it. You can’t intentionally stand on a players ankle.

  4. as someone else here had previously said, sombrero’s off to mexico, they played well! too bad it couldn’t last a bit longer.

  5. Played with heart and played in a manner that deserves respect. Highs and lows but at the end of the day the world knows who they are. A lot of players will benefit from this exposure.

    Okay, Mexico the last CONCACAF TEAM is out…….back to ??US – ??MEXICO RIVALRY!!!!!


  6. It was a tall task for Mexico and they were in the match for most of it. At least one Concacaf was able to represent the region well.

    Fox sports just can’t catch a break, First no US, now no Messi, Ronaldo, or Mexico. They have to be excited about that potential Belgium – Croatia final to bring in the big viewing numbers.

  7. Come se dice “groundhog day” en español…?

    So let’s review: they beat an old and pathetic Germany, took care of business against South Korea, got mauled by Sweden, then booted by a less than impressive Brazil. El Tri, meet reality. Reality, El Tri…

    • When it comes to being the stupidest one in the room you don’t like to leave any doubt the title belongs to you. How about giving somebody else a chance at the trophy?

      Mexico was never going to win the cup but at least they gave themselves a shot while competing with class and good football. We football fans appreciate that.


      • When it comes to being the stupidest one in the room you don’t like to leave any doubt the title belongs to you.”

        ….I can’t????


      • I know you don’t like to bother with facts, Lil’ Bobby, but if you can point out just one incorrect statement in my post, I will gladly retract. I’ll wait… But instead, you go straight to the only thing you’ve learned in middle school: name calling.

        “Mexico was never going to win the cup…” See, that’s just it; you and your little El Tri buddies actually believe that you can run with the big boys. Exhibit A is the reaction after beating the “defending world champions”. You all thought you had somehow made it to the world stage. Then things started unraveling. El Tri is currently the best team in Concacaf, I don’t dispute that. But you’re no closer to making a deep run to the title than, say, Costa Rica or the US.

        “while competing with class and good football.” Here’s the funny thing: El Tri can play with some style when they have a worldwide audience. But as soon as they play the US, they lose their minds and are the nastiest team. It’s quite remarkable. Of course we know why: because they can’t stand that a country who doesn’t give a crap about soccer could own them on the soccer field from 1995-2010. So they hack, and cheat, and punch, and spit.

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