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Miami MLS ownership unveils renderings proposed Miami Freedom Park site


The Miami MLS ownership revealed their latest stadium renderings on Sunday.

Miami Freedom Park is being billed as a world-class soccer village and technology hub. In addition to hosting the club’s stadium, the park would hold 23 acres of youth soccer fields and would be privately funded.

David Beckham and partner Jorge Mas are expected to go into further detail of the stadium plan during the Miami City Commission meeting on Thursday.


  1. “the construction of the stadium will be included on a referendum in the upcoming ballot in south florida in november.”


      FYI according to the above linked article, they have to get it on the ballot first. “The Miami City Commission will vote this week on whether to place the proposal on a November referendum.”
      my two cents: oh, i see. wow, this is a BIG PROJECT! it includes new constructions from several different groups of people, working together:
      – miami freedom park/ beckham’s group/arquitectonica
      – two new condo towers/swire properties/architectonica
      – 31 story hotel tower/aria development/aqarat/yotelpad
      – 19 story apartment tower/cordina partners
      moving mountains must be yoeman’s work. i don’t envy mr. mas and mr. beckham their task. i hope they get this on the miami ballot in november. i think my next bud’s for beckham’s group for all the hard work they have to put into this project to hopefully make it become a reality.

  2. This would actually be a pretty decent location, no worse than the “downtown” location in Overton. It’s next to the airport and less than a mile from public transit, depending on the actual stadium location. The rendering doesn’t really give an accurate picture of the surrounding area.
    The development would replace Miami’s only public golf course, which I guess sucks if you’re into mediocre golf courses. There’s not a lot of commercial activity nearby, so Beckham et al would be well positioned to capture all of the ancillary revenue (bars, restaurants, etc) that go along with a night out at the game. They are planning for 3750 parking spots, not quite enough for a 25k stadium, but better than previous plans.
    I hope Miami makes them open up the various athletic fields for free public use. However, knowing how everything else works in Miami, they’ll probably charge $100+ per hour for a futsal size field.

  3. This rendering will even wash your car upon request.

    I assume the fact Beckham has an exercised option is the hangup here, but I can’t imagine any other would-be team getting years to fart around and see if they can slap something together. Particularly on stadium siting and funding.

  4. This is worse than the Adu updates… I don’t care if you have renderings of a floating stadium in the middle Biscayne Bay, just get something concrete in place before you make another announcement.

    • I think the idea is as long as they are seemingly active — even in an artificial way — it’s hard for MLS to end the Beckham option. If they were only allowed to announce real progress then this would end faster, but I assume either MLS would owe Beckham a lot of money or there would be a court battle about how Mean MLS took away his option while he was working so hard to achieve it. Look, your honor, here’s a rendering…..

      • Yeah. Not worth the bad press. Keep in mind Beckham invested in the league at a time when they very much needed his presence…yes, it’s inconvenient it’s taking so long, but then, Miami does things on its own time and it never happens fast in that city.

        Anybody else would need to get it together, though.

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