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Neymar: Mexico talked too much, and now they are going home


After scoring to send Mexico out of the World Cup, Neymar had plenty to say about El Tri’s departure from the tournament.

Neymar scored the first of two goals for Brazil on Monday, leading the way in a 2-0 win that sent Mexico out in the Round of 16. The forward also assisted Brazil’s second goal, but his most vicious attack on Mexico may just be his postgame comments that showed little sympathy.

“They talked too much, and they are going home,” Neymar said after Brazil’s win.

“I want to congratulate the whole team. There are times in any game where you have to suffer, these are tough games and Mexico are a great side, but we showed lots of class. ”

Neymar also discussed an incident that occurred in the second half as Miguel Layun stepped on the Brazilian star’s ankle.

“It was unfair,” he said. “The ball was not in play and we were off the pitch.”

Neymar, who has two goals in Russia, will lead Brazil against into the quarterfinals on Friday.


  1. To be completely honest, Mexico looked like the better team, players 2-11.

    Big difference was up top. Brazil had Neymar at the point of the spear, Mexico had Hernandez, who is an adequate poacher and connector and that’s about it…he has zero speed so you can’t play him long down the channel, and he certainly won’t scare anybody when he gets on the ball and goes 1-on-1 whereas Neymar can tilt a game anytime…and from pretty much anywhere on the field.

    If Mexico had had a legit striker, I think they would have won that game – and maybe the Cup – but they don’t have that guy right now for whatever reason.

    You also wonder how long Neymar will be around. He’s a slightly-built, speed-based guy with an even more delicate and mercurial diva disposition; guys like him tend to flame out in a hurry.

      • You do understand the difference between rooting against your soccer rival and actual xenophobia, right?

      • 5 bucks says Helium-3 understands your spanish, twocents, not because he’s hispanic but because he’s followed team usa for a long time. Anyone seriously following usa has learned spanish simply by virtue of the fact that spanish us tv networks were the only ones covering team usa way back when. And they covered them because most fans of team usa were mexicans themselves. i was cheering for mexico as a fan of team usa, but i was also hoping some brazzie would elbow rafa marquez in the face, draymond green style

    • i’m proud of our neighbors to the south. for 5×90=450 minutes of football, they really didn’t foul much, did they? only in the last half of the last game against brazil did they foul a lot, yes? i think brazil was just too much for them and they lost their cool a little bit. but overall,they represented our confederation very well, i thought. don’t you?


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