PRO acknowledges error made in Crew-Orlando game

PRO acknowledges error made in Crew-Orlando game


PRO acknowledges error made in Crew-Orlando game


The Professional Referee Organization admitted on Tuesday an error in a call made during the second half of Saturday’s clash between the Columbus Crew and Orlando City.

The incident featured referee Silviu Petrescu signaling for a penalty after he deemed R.J. Allen committed a foul in the penalty area on Patrick Mullins.

During the buildup to the penalty being taken, the call was not sent to the video review process.

“The referee awarded a penalty kick after contact from Orlando City SC defender RJ Allen on Crew SC forward Patrick Mullins. PRO believes the minimal amount of contact between the players did not justify this decision,” the PRO statement read

“Video Review protocol requires that all reviewable incidents are checked and analyzed by the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) for clear and obvious errors or serious missed incidents,” the statement continued. “The VAR checked this penalty kick decision, but did not accurately identify the on-field call as a clear and obvious error based on the minimal contact between the two players. Therefore, the VAR did not appropriately recommend a video review.” 

Jon Freemon was the VAR for the match at Mapfre Stadium.


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