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Reports: Bayern Munich, Whitecaps agree to record fee for Alphonso Davies


Alphonso Davies is reportedly headed to Bayern Munich for a record fee.

According to Multiple Reports, the Vancouver Whitecaps, MLS, and Bayern Munich have come to terms on a deal for Davies with a fee that could reach as high as $19 million. The base transfer fee is reportedly set at $13 million with bonuses that could reach an additional $6 million. The fee would be an MLS record, which is currently held by Jozy Altidore’s $10 million move to Villarreal.

Since Davies does not turn 18 until November, the Whitecaps winger would be unable to join Bayern until the winter window, and the report says he could remain with the Whitecaps until the end of the season.

According to, Davies is currently in Philadelphia as Bayern prepares to face Juventus on Wednesday night.

Following reports last week linking Davies with a move, the Whitecaps winger missed his team’s match against the Seattle Sounders on Saturday, an eventual 2-0 loss by the Canadian club.

Davies has played 20 times for the Whitecaps this season, scoring three goals while providing seven assists.


  1. Perspective in 2016 Renato Sanchez was bought by Bayern Munich for around 60 million with a ton of hype and marginal success at Benfica. Sanchez saw some minutes for BM but was quickly out of favor and out on loan to Swansea. 60 million and being 20 is going to get him another look with the first team this summer.
    So what does 13 million transfer fee get the Canadian and for how long?

    • The number could matter or maybe not. It could be taken as a sign of degree of promise. Or it could be taken as our players are cheap. And the reality evident to people who follow U20 type NTs is x% of this age group actually turns out. Probably goes for expensive and cheap ones.

    • This “perspective” is not exactly accurate. If you want to do apples-to-apples (i.e. before performance incentives), Sanches fee was 35 million Euros, or about $40 million. And for some reason you omitted that in addition to “some hype and marginal success at Benfica”) Sanches had just won Young Player of the Tournament at Euro 2016, which certainly was responsible for some bloating of the fee. Beyond that, I mostly agree with Imperative Voice — probably some “CONCACAF discount” built in…. Honestly Jozy or even Adu are probably better analogies

      • The Euro 2016 success was with Portugal National team and not with Benfica. Was Sanchez on the Portugal’s WC roster? No!

        Hope Davis can come in under the radar and stick around. Growing into a first team regular for BM.

    • my two cents: he’s from canada? wow, the times in north america are changing! (since when does canada produce our regions best talent?)

  2. According to sbi logic this makes him the best player in CONCAF, right?
    Where’s frenchie? I need him to break this down for me.

    • Are you drunk, Lil’ Bobby?! I mean, I know you’re years away from being of legal drinking age. So I assume you’re stealing hooch from your mother’s current live-in boyfriend. But if you’re going to try to take shots at other posters, at least make the effort to be somewhat coherent and tie it back to something previously stated. Cuz for the life of me, I have no clue what you’re referring to. Or maybe this is what passes as humor in middle school these days…?

      • See two cents post above: “since when does Canada produce the regions best talent”
        Also see posts from Joe Dirt and Bizzy who constantly claim anyone owned by a European club should automatically play over anyone in MLS because Europe (at least top leagues) is better. Rob is a troll but about once every fifty posts he connects with something.

    • well that conclusion is logical unless you give weight to the possibilities that all scouts in the region have some combination of poor eyesight, stupidity or don’t know how to scout.

      • Well, there is actually watching him play, he’s young and fast but nowhere close to the ability of Pulisic, Lozano, or Vela. His MLS numbers are worse than Paul Arriola (3 goals 9 assists in 54 games, Paul 5 goals 9 assists in 25 games). Trying to say that Davies is the best talent in CONCACAF because he will now be at Bayern (probably their U23s or loaned) is like claiming Joel Campbell was the best talent in CONCACAF during his time at Arsenal, despite only 15 international goals in almost 80 caps. A club like Bayern can take a chance they don’t need the 18-year-old to play anytime in the next few years if he shines great if not they can loan him out and eventually sell him.

    • that makes sense, johnnyrazor, but then why the big bucks if he isn’t that good? surely, 19m is a significant expenditure even for a deep pocketed club like bayern.

      • Potential and they’ll make a lot of that 13 million back in Canadian jersey sales. If he is good enough to earn Whitecaps the 6 million in bonuses then he will have been worth it.

  3. I keep wondering how long it’s going to be before Canada is half-decent…you look at their roster and I see Davies, plus guy like Cyle Larin and Tosaint Rickets at F, Will Johnson, Osorio, Akindele, and Kaye at MF…the Canucks are weaker at defender and GK, but that ain’t a half-bad crew to start with and you’d figure them to at least make the Hex.

    They aren’t, which begs the question: why not?

    • i wonder this, too. and what money can’t buy is when a whole new generation of canadian youths have a hero to look up to such as young alphonso davies then you never know when the floodgates might open in canada soccer.

      • Some factors against Canada: weather, population density (38 million but they are spread across a huge area), hockey is by far the number one sport (according to, soccer is the 6th most popular sport in Canada).

    • They’re decent names but honestly MLS journeymen. MLS journeymen probably gets you semi round like Jamaica. What to me sets teams apart are truly world class players. The USA went through a drought of them (give or take Pulisic) and fell to 5th. Lots of solid MLS names on their roster too. But to me it’s the Donovans, Beasleys, Bocas, etc. that make the difference.

      Also FWIW Canada tends to lose the fight for players like Owen Hargreaves. How many “50/50 Dual Nationals” you win can help decide your future. The players with split loyalties like DeRo who choose to stay are rare. That, to me, may reflect the college football-esque cycle of world cup soccer, that teams who already qualify tend to be more attractive to dual nationals or passport seekers than those who don’t. AJ probably plays for the US because you know we make it, but Iceland (and yet, the irony)? Winning begets winning. Canada hasn’t made it in decades. Canada isn’t making any sort of special push. There are only like 2-3 dozen Canadians on their own pro teams.

      • Of course, Panama made it with a roster full of MLS journeymen, and Honduras almost did. Costa Rica has a bunch of MLS guys, a never fully reached his potential, a well past his prime, and three-time Champions Leauge winning keeper.

  4. I bet 50% of North American soccer fans don’t even know who he is.. Not on this site of course, but that is how insane soccer fans here are.

    • Since 50% of North American fans probably don’t watch MLS or the Canadian National Team you are probably correct. Vancouver really went slow with his development as well, he had only 11 starts with 0 goals and 1 assist in his first two seasons (34 appearances 1400 minutes). The Canadian national team not being in the Hex also hurt his fame, only 6 appearances for Team Canada including a (6 minute red card in his last appearance in August of last year).

      • And maybe since a lot of North America speaks Spanish as its first language “Quit whining about futbol in North America”

    • The Whitecaps aren’t on national TV much, so I only see them when they play the Galaxy and now LAFC. So, it’s no surprise he is largely unknown even to fans who follow MLS pretty closely. I’ve seen him maybe twice and he obviously has speed to burn, but I don’t remember seeing much technical ability. Maybe soccer is getting like a lot of pro sports in the US–they will draft athletes who aren’t particularly polished and figure they can still learn the game if they get them young.

  5. I bet 50% of North American soccer fans don’t even know who he is.. Not here of course, but that is how insane soccer fans here are.


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