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Report: Real Madrid interested in Christian Pulisic


Real Madrid may be the latest team to enter the chase for Christian Pulisic.

According to the Daily Mail, the Spanish giants have made an inquiry to Borussia Dortmund about the 19-year-old U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder. Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester United have also been linked to the BVB star.

After selling Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus for €100M, the Champions League victors were reported to have interest in Eden Hazard of Chelsea, as well as Neymar and World Cup star Kylian Mbappe of Paris Saint-Germain. However, Real Madrid reportedly has also set their sights on Pulisic as neither Chelsea nor PSG are keen to part ways their star players.

The Mail reports that Borussia Dortmund value Christian Pulisic around £60M, which would smash the record fee for a U.S. international, currently set at €17 million when Wolfsburg acquired defender John Brooks from Hertha Berlin in May 2017.

Pulisic is coming off of a two-goal performance against Liverpool in the preseason International Champions Cup tournament. He had eight goals and eight assists across all competitions for BVB in 2017-2018. He also became the youngest Borussia Dortmund player ever to score a Champions League goal with his go-ahead goal that helped BVB defeat Benfica, 4-1, on aggregate as part of the 2016-2017 Champions League campaign.

Real Madrid has until August 31 when the Spanish transfer window closes to try and secure a deal for Pulisic.


  1. If you’re going to go to a club like Madrid, now is the time with the World Cup 4 years away. Gives plenty of time to course correct if he gets there and can’t fit in and doesn’t get the amount of playing time someone of his talent level deserves. Show him the money…

  2. I don’t want to have to cheer for Real Madrid. Or Bayern. Or Chelsea. Or Man U. The list of prospective clubs reads like a list of the clubs I dislike the most in world football. Might as well go play for the Packers or the Mexican National team…ugh

  3. i agree with pary page, brandon, quozzel and those who say stay in germany for another year, continue to get minutes at a high level and develop as a player.

  4. I always say hold on, stay at the current club. But not this time. I would love to see what happened if he went to Real. I think it would make him better and I think it would be a great kick off to this cycle and hype for American soccer that it needs. How many Real 22 shirts would you see? I don’t even like Real but I would cheer each one I saw.

  5. To be clear the numbers in the story are the transfer fee not his salary. According to Forbes he only makes 1.14 million a year now, which makes any MLS DP salary seem way too high.

    • Makes sense. Here’s the flip side: Say Pulisic became a Union HG player at age 16 (instead of BVB). I highly doubt with incredible accuracy that his MLS salary would be remotely close to a million dollars much less DP money. No Way. Not at his age in MLS. That’s not how MLS rolls with the youngest Americans at current. (Adu syndrome???)
      (Yeeeah, Gall totally threw me for a loop but Good On Him….And all the Young Ones scrapping in MLS and certainly abroad). Peace.

  6. “According to the Daily Mail…” Yes, a highly reputable news outlet. Last summer, they correctly predicted that Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Neymar were headed to Manchester United.

  7. No gonna happen because Real Madrid has a handful of players in that age group that are as good or better than Pulisic.m

    • Like who? They literally have no one in that age group that is as good as Pulisic. Maybe Asensio who is three years older is that who you are talking about?

      • For anyone new… Rob is a Mexican troll, a really stupid one. Like incredibly unintelligent. Lives in his moms basement. All the makings of a real life loser. With that said I don’t think it’s time for Madrid, maybe down the road.

  8. How much money is enough? Barring some horrific injury, God forbid, CP 22 is going to be rich beyond the wildest dreams of most people. Even if all he did was stay at Dortmund, he will probably be getting more than $10 million per year before long. I think he is in a position where he needs to consider intangibles. Would he be happy making a lot of money, but playing sparingly at Real Madrid? As good as he is, I don’t know that he could make their starting lineup on a consistent basis. Look at James Rodriguez who had to go to Bayern Munich to get playing time. CP is young and still developing. Stay a Dortmund another couple of years and then he can consider other leagues and teams and will probably make even more money than if he moves now.

    • CP is making bank already – he’s 19 and making north of $8 million a year.

      Another year in Germany for a top team will be excellent for his development – you can already tell he wants to be a big player in the team – taking the ball from Gotze for the penalty last night and demanding the ball in the final third – he is taking the next step. Fingers crossed he stays healthy. This is a huge season for him – not make or break – but he did struggle last year for goals and decisive passes for Dortmund.

      • I agree, he is stepping up to become a leader for Dortmund. That is a trait that would have to wait a few years to develop at Real. It is something I always hoped Bradley would develop at Toronto, but despite what I think is great play for TFC, he has been unable to put the team on his back and carry them consistently.

        There is always a danger of putting too much on a young player, that does not seem to be happening and he seems to be developing nicely at Dortmund; I see no soccer reason for him to leave just yet. Of course $$$ can speak loudly, so we’ll see.


    I guess it’d be great if he played and all, but it looks right now like Madrid’s about to enter another “Galactico” phase…which usually means big egos, bigger paychecks…and mediocre results, and a whole lotta negative hoopla and press. And then players start getting thrown under the bus.

    And of course, a certain American ingenue would likely be the first sacrificial victim on that particular altar of vanity. Even despite these increasingly nationalistic times it’s still not politic to blame other ethnicities unless you can hook some negative politics around their neck – see Mesut Ozil – but EVERYBODY can wholeheartedly agree right now, us Americans are truly a bunch of miserable lepers.

    Stay away, kid. Seriously. You’re getting plenty of PT and exposure just where you’re at.

      • I think he was referring to the first Galactico squad that included Zidane, Beckham, Owen, and Ronaldo which didn’t do much after the signing of Beckham in 2003. There was talk of a huge spending spree to replace CR7 but the big names appear not available which is why the story says the interest in Pulisic.

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