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Sargent, Johannsson score in Werder Bremen’s preseason opener


It’s only the beginning of preseason, but a pair of Americans got themselves off to a strong start for Werder Bremen.

Bremen played a pair of 45 minute friendlies against FC Eintracht Cuxhaven and OSC Bremerhaven. Aron Johannsson and Josh Sargent both started and scored in the second of those en route to a 5-0 victory.

Sargent wasted no time getting on the scoresheet. The teenager scored in the second minute of play and Johannsson scored his after about a half hour to conclude a stretch of play that saw Bremen score thrice in three minutes.

Sargent is entering his first full professional season with the club and Johannsson is coming off a year that saw him score three times in all competitions after missing a chunk of time with injury.


  1. my two cents: ignore this result, it doesn’t mean anything (winning 5-0 against 5th division side is meaningless.) what i think we might take away is that our two strikers are in good health. that’s good to hear.

  2. Johannsson apparently gave away his #9 and is now wearing #20 take that for what you will. Bremerhaven in the 5th Division.


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