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SBI World Cup Player of the Day: Luka Modric


It wouldn’t be hard to argue that Luka Modric has been the best player at this summer’s World Cup. The Croatian star has done a little bit of everything, influencing games in a way matched by few players in Russia.

On Saturday, Modric was the star once again as Croatia advanced to the World Cup semifinals.

Modric provided an assist to go with unmatched energy in the heart of the Croatian midfield, leading the team to a win over Russia in penalty kicks. The win furthered Croatia’s run through the tournament while also earning Modric honors as SBI World Cup Player of the Day.

The Croatian maestro was his typical self in the midfield, completing 87 percent of his passes on the day. In a match where Croatia was left battered and bruised, Modric’s energy carried the team through extra time and, ultimately, into penalty kicks. Once there, Modric buried his shot from the spot as Croatia took down the hosts.

Modric narrowly beat out Jordan Pickford and Harry Maguire for Saturday’s honors.

What did you think of Modric’s performance? Who stood out to you on Saturday?

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  1. One of the reasons he had the energy at the end is he spent large chunks of the second half just standing around instead of moving into open areas in the center of the pitch. I was yelling for him to move. It was weird, almost like he was playing for extra time himself.

    Also, saying he buried his penalty is generous. How that went in and Perisic’s shot off the inside of the post in the second half didn’t are a mystery…lol.

    Croatia are a good team, but like many struggle to generate any ideas vs. well-organized defenses.

  2. Late in the 2nd half he took the ball around midfield and just jetted past 2 Russians….was terrifying how fast they little man can glide with the ball.

    My man of the tournament so far. Maybe 2nd to Kante who just locks down anyone France plays.

    • Modric and Kante are both excellent choices based on performances to date, although I think the Golden Ball could still be won by a number of players, particularly if a standout performer should emerge in the last 2 rounds.
      But who knows with FIFA …. those lazy bums inexplicably gave it to Messi last time, in spite of him not scoring at all in the knockout rounds, and being generally forgettable for all but 45 minutes of the group stage.


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