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Austin MLS stadium vote delayed until August 15


Precourt Sports Ventures (PSV), the operator of the Columbus Crew, was hoping to see their MLS stadium proposal term sheet agreed to by Austin City Council on Thursday night.

It appears they will have to wait just a bit longer.

After hours of spirited public comments, Austin City Council ultimately decided to delay the vote until Wednesday, August 15, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

Nearly ten months ago, PSV and MLS announced their intention to explore relocating the Columbus Crew to Austin, Texas. Since then, the issue has become a controversial one for MLS, with many people hoping to keep one of the league’s original teams in Columbus.

Thursday evening, PSV presented the City Council with a term sheet that had been worked on with Austin city staff, but the Council was uncomfortable with the term sheet as is, presenting more than 20 amendments of their own.

Proposed amendments and points of contention included a financial penalty for PSV should the Crew ever leave Austin, funding for girls youth soccer, and financing for a rail system to help with pubic transportation to the stadium site.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler said many of the amendments were “poison pills” that would make reaching an agreement difficult, a characterization some City Council members took exception to.

“We respect the City’s desire to take more time to consider this important project, and we will continue to work with them over the coming days,” a statement from PSV statement read. “We wish to extend our sincere thanks to City Council and City staff for their efforts as we collectively work toward a decision on August 15.”


  1. “financing for a rail system to help with pubic transportation to the stadium site”

    I’m less concerned about pubic transportation as getting that a$$ out of Columbus.

  2. is this photo new or old? it makes me sick to see this man wearing the scarf. i think he should take off the crew scarf.

  3. The latest revelation in the Columbus Crew relocation drama should shake MLS to its core

    jimmy mack, this issue became controversial since precourt bought the club in 2013, yes? “When the news of the potential relocation was first revealed, the soccer world was stunned to find out that a secret “Austin Clause” was given to Precourt when he purchased the Crew in 2013 that allowed him to try to move the team to Texas.”


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