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Emerson Hyndman joins Scottish club Hibernian on loan


Emerson Hyndman is on the move via a loan to Hibernian from Bournemouth, the club announced on Wednesday.

Hibernian of the Scottish League pushed to get the deal done ahead of UEFA’s deadline to make Hyndman eligible for the Europa League Qualifier against Molde this week. The midfielder is expected to be on the gameday roster.

“I am delighted to have joined Hibs,” Hyndman said. “I enjoyed my previous time in Scotland – my game is well suited to the style of play here. I’m looking forward to meeting up with the squad and hopefully working my way into the team.”

The Scottish side appears to have Hyndman in mind as the favorite to replace John McGinn in the midfield, who had a medical with Aston Villa.

This loan move could prove key to the development of yet another young American playing abroad T he 22-year-old appeared in only four games for Bournemouth with only one Premier League appearance.

Hyndman has also spent time with Rangers on loan in the 2016-17 campaign winning the clubs Young Player of the Year award while finding the back of the net four time in 13 appearances. Hyndman has three international caps for the U.S. Men’s National Team.

“We are pleased to bring in a player of Emerson’s quality,” said manager Neil Lennon. “Technically he’s at a good level, he’s got experience of the Scottish game and gives us another option in the center of midfield.”


  1. This is stagnation. Should be challenging for minutes at Bournemouth like we hoped he would 2-3 years ago. The Scottish league is weak. At this point Paco Torres is still better.. and I fear the Adu comparison becoming more relevant.

  2. my new complaint would be it’s a 6 month deal as with the prior rangers loan. maybe they’d buy in the winter if he does fine, but this could be more of his yoyo issues with bournemouth, depending…

    • It provides Bournemouth with options should another of their CMs have options to move in January. If Hyndman does well (really only played U23 football last season) he can return to Bournemouth and play the 2nd half. If not then the loan will likely be extended.

      • Hyndman did well enough at Rangers to be young player of the year in half a season and Bournemouth just reeled him back in. It does give Bournemouth options but are they what’s best for Hyndman or them dangling an asset until someone pays what they want.

      • Hard to say I guess, if you’re dangling an asset I would think you’d put him in a year-long loan. I think the injury at Rangers was more significant than maybe we as fans are aware, they brought him along very slowly last year, even in their U23 squad. Hibs just sent one of their CMs to Aston Villa so Hyndman should get significant minutes whereas a loan to a better club it might be hit or miss.

      • I think it’s the opposite, if you want a player to develop you send him away for a whole year where he can play. I think an asset you are less concerned with whether they find their feet and develop, and instead want fairly immediate access, ie, 6 months.

      • My thinking was if you are going to sell him you want a whole season of work to promote to other clubs, and generally, the market is larger during the Summer window than January, but I see what you are saying.

      • You guys keep talking like this was some kind of strategic choice that Bournemouth made, rather than an economic reality imposed on them by Hibernian. OF COURSE Bournemouth want to loan him out for the full season (it’s very easy to insert a recall clause in case of injury). They just couldn’t force it on Hibs, who would rather have an exit option at 6 months.

      • Gomer, you could be right but it doesn’t really make sense for Hibs to only want him for 6 months. As for IV this loan is different from the Ranger loan because that was a January loan so it made sense for a six month loan.

      • I’m sure Hibs will be thinking that things work out, they will extend to full-season. It’s no different from leasing an apartment or a car. Provided the price doesn’t change (and in all likelihood, they are simply picking up Emo’s salary), why sign up for longer than you need to? Unless Bournemouth want him back for their own usage, there is no reason why Bournemouth would want to loan him elsewhere in January if he is already parked in a good place.

  3. If this loan is as good as his rangers loan then he should be in consideration for call ups because there still isn’t a real solid option at an attacking CM(CP is more dangerous on the wings in my opinion). With a decent 10 to finally provide for the strikers and wingers and be able to control possession will be a huge asset

  4. Love this guy and still think he has a chance to do well for the US, but dang, how is this not a step down from his last loan? Shouldn’t he be at least going to the Championship or the Dutch league or something?

    • I think it’s a well calibrated move. It’s unclear if Hibernian plays the same system like Rangers, but in a previous stint in this league he was in demand and racked up some appearances. For someone whose career hasn’t quite taken off yet, it’s a decent choice, player in his position has taken off for another team, they are in a rush to get him cleared to use, and he’s had some success at the level before. I understand it’s not a stretch but for a player who ins’t playing at club and has disappeared from the USMNT radar for disuse, I don’t know how much risk he needs. He needs to play. I mean, this whole generation coming up after him is about to render him just another Euro journeyman.

      • You guys are kidding yourselves if you think the six month provision was an “option” that Bournemouth insisted on, rather than Hibs.

      • Gomer: Hibs just cleared out McGinn, and Hyndman has already played in that league for Rangers where Hibs has an idea what they are getting. I think they would want the longer term loan. I think Bournemouth is the common denominator asking for the same terms twice to the same league. My Dynamo used to routinely do the 6 month loans/deals under Kinnear, and it always came across to me as a team that was very risk-averse and had no idea what it was getting, covering its downside. I think Hibs is more like, when I saw you just the other season in this very league, perhaps even against us, I was impressed. My guess would be more like, Hibs ain’t Old Firm, Hibs ain’t rich, Hibs was trying to sell McGinn to Houston a couple years ago, they wouldn’t pay the transfer fee offered, Bournemouth comes back, ok, we need him out of here since he won’t play, time’s wasting, how about a loan-to-buy?

    • I agree with you. Winning Rangers’ Young Player of the Year Award while only spending half a season there shows he has quality that needs to be developed.You would think an attacking Dutch side would want him and it would be a step up from Scotland. His agent should be working on finding him a better spot where he can get consistent playing time. I rate him higher than does Imperative.

      • hyndman is 22 and burning daylight. enough bad moves and you’ve wasted half your career. enough more and you’re freddy adu. i don’t think it’s a bad move to say, let’s press pause and go back to a league where i played, try and get some career traction. i agree that holland might also work but it would be more of an unknown for someone who needs a gimmee to revive his chances.

        i also think that while he clicked at rangers he didn’t play and dominate so much one could say he has that mastered.

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