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Rossi failed drug test, facing lengthy ban


Former Italian international Giuseppe Rossi is in a bit of hot water with Italian authorities.

Italian anti-doping agency Nado Italia announced that Rossi will appear at an October 1 hearing after testing positive for Dorzolamide, an eye drug that can be used as a masking agent for illegal substances. The drug isn’t illegal when used as eye drops, but Rossi previously said he has not used any form of eye drops when questioned twice over the summer.

He faces a one year ban from soccer if convicted.

The New York native began his career with a short spell at Manchester United before stints at Newcastle, Parma, Villarreal, Fiorentina, Levante, and Celta Vigo. He also made 30 appearances for the Italian National Team before his career was upset by a series of knee injuries.

Rossi is currently out of contract.


  1. @ MidWest Ref, in all fairness charlie davies could’ve avoided his injuries with better decision making (cutting curfew, getting in a car with a drunk driver)….while i’m sad his career was cut short, i don’t have anywhere near the same sympathy as JOB, Gooch etc. because their injuries were not in their control…..

  2. i have written many times, i think this player has been getting “jobbed” (meaning, the victim of organized crime). no one is this unlucky.

  3. It is so ridiculously easy to get a TUE (therapeutic use exemption)in Europe for almost anything. Robbie Keane and Steven Gerard flew back to the UK to get injections when the LA Galaxy trainers refused to treat them with requested medications without one, but in the US, you actually have to see a physician to prescribe the medication. That is not always the case in Europe. Also Doping rules means that if you are not retired and live in a country that actually enforces the rules: YOU MAY BE TESTED OUT OF COMPETITION. The problem is, most players feel that they can get one retroactively, and in some cases that may be true if you are under treatment by a physician and get a out of competition test, but dont have your “get out of jail fre card (TUE) written for you yet. But in Rossi’s case it appears to be a virulent form of idiocy that cannot be cured.

  4. Ouch. Getting banned from soccer when you haven’t had a team in 6 months anyway. Can’t wait till this guy inevitably comes to MLS in 15 months, plays 6 games and retires. Wonder who the sucker who funds that will be?


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