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Julian Green returns from USMNT duty, scores fom Greuther Furth


Julian Green may not have found the back of the net for the U.S. Men’s National Team during this recent international break but the winger wasn’t discouraged as he returned to domestic play.

Green netted the fourth in Greuther Furth’s 4-1 league win over Holstein Kiel on Saturday morning.

With his team hanging onto a 3-1 lead in the dying moments, Green iced the result at home.

David Atanga played an assist to Green who slid a right-footed effort into the bottom-left corner. It was Green’s first goal of the season for Furth, after coming on as a second-half substitute.

The victory moves Furth to the top of the 2. Bundesliga table with 11 points. Green, 23, will look to be in the starting XI as Furth next travels to Heidenheim on Sept. 23rd.


  1. My problem with Green in a #10 role is his inability to see the next pass that will unlock the defense because it seems he is too consumed with trying to get “his”! If you notice in those clips he had teammates that were in better positions to make a better play but he instead chose to shoot nearly every time! It’s one thing to be aggressive, but quite another to do it illogically or without a purpose(sort of speak). I think he absolutely needs to be in the mix and getting minutes, because he is talented, but he has to work on “that” side of his game, along with getting stronger on the ball to be an effective player in that role.

  2. Not to rain on anyone’s parade, I suggested before the Mexico match for Sarachan’s 4-1-4-1 to work we needed Green in the middle instead of the McKennie/Adams pairing, but here’s a link to an alternate opinion from what you guys have been saying, complete with clips. I’m not sure if its an indictment on Green or says more about how poor the other players were that everyone thinks he did so well. Against Mexico Green struggled to get the final space for a shot and didn’t beat anyone one on one. He also turned it over that led to Mexico’s best chance to score a man down. I think it shows what I’ve been saying that our players are all flawed enough that if want to not like them they give you plenty and if you want to like them they give you just enough. I saw plenty of comments from people praising how good McKennie was before his injury, really?
    There are about 10 clips some good, most slightly disappointing. If you scroll down on his feed he did a whole set of clips on how awful Trapp is if you are so inclined to support that opinion.

    • That was my opinion right after the game. He’d look good until he got close to the box and then would take too long to pass or shoot and would dribble into trouble and give the ball up. In that way he is like Gio do Santos has often been for the Galaxy. You don’t know what they are thinking, but their behavior seems like they think they are a lot better than the other players and can beat them all on the dribble, only they can’t.

  3. This is one way to get into the Bundesliga–lead your team to promotion. I agree with a lot of the comments above. In the past I pointed out that Dempsey didn’t play his first professional game until he was like 21 and didn’t really hit his stride until he had been at Fulham for a couple of seasons. Not this round, but the games before Mexico and Brazil, Green displayed some good ball skills and showed he could become a #10 or playmaking mid. In that latter role I think he and Lletget are very similar and hopefully Lletget can get and stay healthy. If we can continue to develop the younger players and they stay healthy, we could end up very strong in the midfield.

  4. Green has always had quick feet. That is a trait he has used to good effect and is something that players without it will always wish they had.

    In the past he has, however, played more like a boy among men and showed only flashes of his brilliance. It looks like he is (finally) maturing into more of an all-around player, without disappearing or collapsing when faced with hard pressure.

    I hope that strength and maturity continues to improve; if it does, he will become a really special player.

  5. …..Yup, congrats Julian Green. He brings a lot to the table and I just hope who ever takes over from Sarachan plays him as a CAM and is aware that he can play as a CF as well. Keep making us proud kid!!!

  6. I’ve always rated Green. Looking forward to more from him. But for crying out loud can we stop calling him a winger. He’s played primarily as a attacking mid for Guerth the past year and was considered a withdrawn forward by Ancelotti while at Bayern.

    He’s was more of a pure striker with the Bayern youth system which means he’s only been playing the attacking mid position for a little over a year. He is still learning this position.

    I’ve been high on him since seeing him take on two defenders on the counter for 40-50 yards then smash a goal in a Nov friendly a couple years back.

    Would love to see his future once he develops more as a 10. The NT needs it.

  7. Green’s always had the skill. What I thought he needed was some more size and lead in his butt, more maturity – he seemed to hang his head at times and show frustration – and crank it up a good half-notch and leave it there, and not fade in and out of games as was his wont.

    Some guys don’t pop at 19 or 20. Sometimes it takes them until they’re 24 or 25 or even a bit longer. I think Green could well be one of those.

    I still like the ability, and I view him more as an outside forward or a 10 a lot more than a winger, where he tended to fade out of games. Personally I think he’s going to be a consistent part of the USMNT going forwards, and though he’s not as slick or evasive as Pulisic or as physically dynamic as Weah he’s kind of a nice blend of the two and I think this could be the cycle where he really cements his spot in the 23.

    • I definitely agree. You make a great point that some players bloom a little later. I made the mistake of mostly writing him off aver the last few years as he struggled for PT and did not look great with the Nats. The last two games showed me I was wrong, though. He seemed to have turned it up and gained in both confidence and physical maturity. He played attacking soccer when some of the other nats were content to sit back. If he continues his improvement i think he will definitely deserve a spot in the 2022 team.

      • Green is a great example of a player the new coach and GM should have expectations and goals for leading up to 2022. Be a player starting and contributing for a top flight league. Be valuable, pertinent, and most of all a valued commodity to a club team. This goes for all the young players wearing the “potential” label. Transition from potential to grabbing a position and owning it.

    • Totally agree with your comments His best attribute with his recent USMNT run was his calm on the ball in the middle of the field, almost acting as a shuttler. Yet he had purpose in the final third driving the ball and being in the mix around the 18. Best player in the recent friendlies


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