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SBI Question of the Day: Is bringing Bradley back to the USMNT a good idea?


Michael Bradley’s return to the U.S. Men’s National Team set off plenty of reactions among U.S. fans, particularly the ones who feel like he shouldn’t return.

The veteran midfielder has been brought in to help bring some experience to a young group, but for some fans, Bradley still signifies the failure of the last World Cup qualifying cycle. For some other fans, Bradley’s level of play for Toronto FC in 2018 hasn’t been good enough to merit a return.

USMNT interim coach Dave Sarachan has stated that Bradley has been brought in to provide some experience and leadership to a very young group, while also looking to challenge those youngsters for minutes.

What do you think about Bradley’s return? Do you like the idea and believe it’s a good move? Do you think it’s a big mistake?

Cast your vote below, and feel free to share your thoughts on your decision in the comments section.

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  1. Bradley’s last call up will be Dave Sarachan’s last game. Sarachan is the only reason for this call up. I see him as a cancer that will not be happy on the bench and I seriously doubt he could teach others anything. They’re all better, faster, and more skilled than him. What’s he going to bring?

    Beyond that, Ive seen him freeze out players he didnt like and basically sink their NAT career. My primary example on this is Lee Nguyen He got a few chances under Klinsmann but always when Bradley was on the field. Bradley simply got in his way and hardly passed him the ball, Bradley favored Nagbe and did in Lee. Lee is a great player… see his career at LAFC so far. Nagbe has faded from the scene. I always hated Bradley even more after that.
    Finally, Bradley is never going to accept a bit role. He will expect to start and thats a mistake. With the two announce injuries….and Dave Sarachan… he might. Common Earnie… do your thing

  2. If the guy would ever play defense at all anywhere that would be great. He challenges the ball hard and if he can’t win it, forget it. He won’t even pick up a man 3 yards from him. His style is great against teams that aren’t possessing a lot in the midfield. It gives an attacking outlet when we win the ball. But when we play a team like, say Mexico, that likes a lot of possession. Or Brazil that will have most of the possession, it’s like always being a man down in the midfield. It’s very frustrating to watch. Watch him and not the ball when the other team has possession. Tell me who he is picking up. Meanwhile, guys behind him are pointing all over the place trying to figure out what to do while he watches. It’s horrible. He’s not Pirlo. I love him when we play an inferior opponent who doesn’t control the midfield. Then he’s the best.

  3. I’ve enjoyed watching Bradley’s career, he’s had a good one. He deserves a call-up, but I don’t think he warrants one in our current scenario.
    Given our talent coming up, I don’t think he’s going to be anywhere near the picture for the next WC. Now, I want to see us do well next summer, but I think this is the time to get the next round of players in and let them ride some of the success they have been building in the youth NT.
    We ended up skipping a generation in a lot of ways. As a result this is a natural time to drop most of the names that were common place last cycle and focus on this cycle.

  4. Have him just do his own drill. Running to the corner flag as fast as he can.

    There is zero, 0, no point to bring him in. He offers nothing.

    This is Sarachan thinking he can influence the coaching selection by kissing the old boys butts.

  5. It is time to move on. We have a bunch of young centermids, including some who haven’t got a chance to play yet. Too many times in previous cycles did we not try out other players because of one reason or another. Well there is no excuse now, none of these games matter, and I’m not even sure how much next summer’s gold cup matters. This is a complete rebuild. The last cycle’s team failed. The young players that have played in this year’s friendlies look like a better team than last cycles team already. The young players are already playing with more hunger than the last cycle’s team. They don’t need any “veteran leadership.” US Soccer MUST commit to the rebuild fully and completely now, so that in 2-3 years we have a team that can compete and is worthy to represent us.

  6. If Sarachan were the full time coach, I understand the logic. But Sarachan is an interim and thinks he can win the full time spot. I would rather see more names added to the pool that a new coach could whittle down.

  7. CP22 has a fiber muscle tear in his calf and is ruled out today and this weekend so probably a no for upcoming friendlies

  8. His recent form has been absolute dogshit at TFC and his international form since the ankle injury in 2013 in Costa Rica has never been stellar to justify his auto starter and old wise man help the kiddos learn status. Time for him to admit he’s just a sheep at this point in his career. Loved the memories from 2007-14 but all good things come to an end.

  9. Given the response to the poll, those who routinely post comments that attack Bradley mercilessly are not in the majority.
    FWIW, I’ve coached and know a number of better coaches than myself. None of them would want a player who was unable to contribute and few would replace a player who is established in the squad with another one of equal talent who still had to be integrated into the team. None of them would keep a player as a starter if anothert player could do a better job.
    It seems the majority of Ives’ readers understand that.

  10. If I understood his comments properly, I believe that Sarachan suggested that one of the reasons he brought Bradley in was to create competition for spots for the young guys. While I tend to agree that Bradley is past his prime, I’m all in favor of bringing him in if it pushes the younger players to push him out. If Bradley ends up contributing more to the team than the younger players in the short-run, then so be it as long as this is about the US putting the most competitive team on the field possible and not making anyone an automatic call-up or starter.

    • Sarachan also said that he has known Bradley since he was a small boy. if you think his inclusion has to do with anything but his fathers connections, I am Angelina Jolie.

  11. I don’t think he belongs there anymore. He just doesn’t stack up to the younger guys when you consider technicality, athletic ability, pace, or hunger…and we’re loaded with guys who probably belong at the 6 and can frankly do it better than Bradley can at this point. At one point his deficiencies were offset by his work rate, amazing fitness levels, his long-ball passing ability, and his ability to cover amazing amounts of ground to make late runs into the box, but after he left Europe and started making millions in Toronto he definitely morphed into the far more complacent and less hungry figure many here call “Sir Jogsalot”.

    He’s still a good long-ball passer, and that’s about it at this point, and he was Key Figure #1 in the debacle that led to the USA missing Russia.

    He needs to go. Whereas Jozy Altidore probably still has something to offer…and wasn’t called. Go figure.


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