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Red Bulls, USMNT midfielder Tyler Adams to join RB Leipzig in January


One of the rising stars for the U.S. Men’s National Team is set to join several others international teammates in Germany next January.

The New York Red Bulls announced on Sunday that they are transferring homegrown midfielder Tyler Adams to Bundesliga outfit RB Leipzig in January 2019, once the Transfer Window opens.

Adams, 19, signed his first professional contract with New York Red Bulls II as a 16-year-old and is the first player to complete every level of the Red Bulls Player Development Pyramid.

“We’re genuinely happy for Tyler and his family and we know that he is ready for the next step,” said Red Bulls head coach Chris Armas.  In these last four years, I’ve learned that he is simply incredible.  Tyler has a maturity, fearlessness, work ethic, and desire to win that make him unique.”

“Tyler is the gold standard for player development in this country and I think that our club and academy can feel very proud to have worked with him and influenced him along his path.  We wish him the very best and look forward to watching him shine.”

Adams has made 74 appearances across all competitions for the Red Bulls, helping them lift the 2018 Supporters Shield. With the USMNT, Adams has earned nine caps since making his international debut in November 2017.

He will now join international teammates Christian Pulisic, Weston McKennie, Josh Sargent and a long list of several other American players in Germany’s top flight.

“I’d like to thank everyone at the organization, coaches, staff, my teammates and the Supporters,” said Adams. “I’ve worn a New York Red Bulls shirt for eight years, and this club has become a second family to me. I will always be grateful to the many people who believed in me, mentored me, and helped me get to this point. I’d also like to thank my family for their never-ending love and support. This club will always have a special place in my heart.”


  1. I hope he does well. He is a much better player at the same age than Yedlin…But I feel so many were excited about Europe cause it’s Europe, when Yedllin went….But really players can develop or not in many places. As shown by how good Adams got at NY and how stalled some look a Yedlin are.

  2. ADAMS, MCKENNIE and PULISIC….the next generation of USMNT players and a solid core / group of young players… all we need is ONE proven young and talented striker that can put the ball in the back of the net and we are golden.

  3. the red bull “in” probably pushed this along. not sure what my comfort level is because he really hasn’t had to blossom as a MLS pro into an all star, but he is young enough where he might be run through their development cycle before hitting the first team. i kind of wish these players would really hit their stride in one place before bouncing to another.

    • i know he made one all star team, my point is he hasn’t a la dempsey become a bona fide star before he moved. not as bad as agudelo or acosta but i think it helps if the player has already become a fairly finished star here before they leave. or that they leave early like sargent and let europe be a finishing school.

      • I get you point- but think you kind of answered your own question w/ the Sargent reference. He’s not THAT much older than Sargent. I think the timing is about right and he will be better served refining/finishing his game there frankly. The shame is that a player of Dempsey’s temperament and ability didn’t have a similar trajectory… an opportunity earlier in his career. If he had- I think Clint could have been our first truly world class player/key player for a big club.

    • He was one of the best players on one of the best teams in MLS. Not sure what your definition of a “star” is, but Adams was one of the top center midfielders in MLS. Sure, there’s room for improvement and if he stayed in MLS he would be better next year than he was this year, but I have to disagree with the idea that he hadn’t “blossomed” yet.

  4. We will now have enough players in Germany that we could almost put together a pretty good team just from our players there.Remember when some people didn’t like the idea that we had too many German Americans on the national team? Now I guess we will have a lot of American Germans.

  5. This should be a great move for Adams development. This move gives us a nice core group of players plying their trade in a top league to use as the Spine of the USMNT (Pulisic, McKennie, Brooks, Adams, & Sargent). Yes we’re going to have some growing pains, but this is a good starting point. Just wish we had a more accomplished manager to mold out young squad.

  6. Adams to RBL was the second worst secret behind Berhalter becoming USMNT manager. No surprise here. However, I’m
    much more excited about this move. I love the young look of RBL and think Adams can find his niche and become contributor right from the get-go.


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