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Report: Bruce Arena is a candidate for Crew GM position


The Columbus Crew now head into a time of transition with head coach Gregg Berhalter leaving to take the U.S. Men’s National Team position. However, an MLS coaching veteran could very well be on the move to Columbus.

Former LA Galaxy head coach and USMNT boss Bruce Arena is a candidate to be the next general manager for the Crew, ESPN reported on Wednesday.

The report states that Arena is only being considered for the GM position and not the head coaching vacancy. Crew assistant coach Josh Wolff and former Portland Timbers boss Caleb Porter have been linked to the position.

Arena resigned as the USMNT head coach in October 2017 and has been out of work since. During an eight-year stint with the LA Galaxy, Arena led the team to three MLS Cups and two Supporter Shields.

Despite coming back to the USMNT in 2016, Arena was unable to take the team to the 2018 World Cup. The 67-year-old also won five College Cup titles at the University of Virginia from 1978-1996.

Columbus finished in fifth place in the Eastern Conference, but fell to the New York Red Bulls in the MLS Cup Playoffs.


  1. As a long time Galaxy fan, Columbus would be making a mistake. Bruce’s model is to bring in older well known Europeans. Sometimes he has hits, sometimes misses. The Galaxy have been down the last couple of years because Arena made some bad choices. When that happens you end up with a team burdened with big contracts for DP’s who don’t contribute. The Atlanta model of going after promising young Latin players is much better, IMO. Also, look at what Bob Bradley has done with LAFC. Only Vela was a real big name and he has been a great player, much better than either of the Dos Santos brothers.

    • I feel like the Arena issues are has he lost his touch and that while he has been sharp with the roster and cap rules he has generally done so from the privileged, spendy end. DC, NY, LA, these are “haves.” Now do it just on player scouting without the money, “have not.”

    • Thats a pretty small sample size you are arguing for in ATL and LAFC. Unless you’re Bill Belichick there will always be ups and downs in the American sports model. Theres no guarantee that ATL continues its success once it loses Tata and its most talented guys they brought in. Can they continue the ridiculous rate of hitting so strongly on every player they recruit? doubtful.
      Also, I doubt Bruce told the Crew he was going to go about things the exact same way he did in LA by recruiting Euro stars. People are adaptable and Im sure Bruce/ the crew realize he won’t be doing business the same way.

      • For the last 8+ years Bruce has shown he’s become stale in his approach. He’s afraid to use young players without a pedigree. His use of guys who’re in the last 2-3 years of their careers, getting the last ounce of life out of them can be seen as an accomplishment….but when paired with his inability to integrate youth can be a serious liability. His last couple years at he Galaxy coupled with the huge failed return to the helm of the USMNT should have proved this point.
        If the Crew are dumb enough to hire this guy they’re going to find themselves at the bottom of the table for years to come.

  2. This could use some clarification — as could that whole situation — are we talking about the team supposedly moving to Austin or the theoretical “Cleveland Browns” style reboot intended to replace it, if they get a stadium?

  3. Basic figures for the pitchfork brigade. In qualifying, Bruce’s record was 3W 3D 2L. He averaged 1.5 points per game. His team scored 16 goals and allowed 6 in 8 games. He was digging out of a Klinsmann hole, but had a horrific TnT brain fart. The winning record, positive goal difference, etc. speak for themselves. The better argument is something more like, he fell off after his last LAG title, Columbus needs magic, and his magic is gone. But the idea that a coach with a winning record should be blackballed is silly. Steve Sampson went on to win MLS after 1998. Bob Bradley had LAFC in the playoffs after 2011. Your desire to toss a post qualifying tantrum doesn’t suddenly make the better coaches in the league lack value.

    • From what I’ve read you have it wrong, Precourt will sell the team in exchange for an expansion slot in Austin not that he will leave the name in Columbus.

      • You responded to someplace where I was making a substantive comment with this, and ignored right above it where I asked for clarification on whether it was one of two choices. Curious how if I ask what is happening I could ever be “wrong.” You seem to be out to get me for some lame reason and as a Crew fan it’s kind of arrogant to do so.

  4. Some people cant just walk away. Just like Sigi Schmid Bruce’s time has passed him and he needs to move on to allow others a chance to move US soccer forward not backward

    • The guy is the most successful manager in MLS history. I get that he made major mistakes in this latest run with the national team, but cmon man. I’ve wondered what took so long for someone else to hire him. He’s more than qualified for this role.

    • He won MLS in 2014 (and a few times before that) and had a winning record with the Nats. The idea he has lost it is basically a 2 game argument. If a MLS team only loses 2 games I think we throw a parade.

  5. I’m excited if that means Haslem is going to sign three big-name DPs because that is how Bruce won with LAG. Not sure Columbus has as much to offer “culturally” as Southern California.

    • The only problem with Arena will be : that he’s going to bring all the dinosaurs with him : Sarachan, his son Kenny and Ralston.


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