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Report: Weah agrees to new deal with PSG ahead of Celtic loan


Timothy Weah will not be a part of Paris Saint-Germain’s plans for the final six months of this season. However, that did not stop the Ligue 1 giants from offering the 18-year-old a new contract with the club.

According to French outlet L’Equipe, Weah agreed to an extension with PSG which will see him remain at the Parc Des Princes until 2021. Weah is also expected to join up with Scottish side Celtic this coming week, according to the report.

Weah confirmed on Christmas Day via social media that he would be heading out on loan for more first-team minutes. Celtic, who currently lack first-team forwards, have been linked with the forward since late December.

After strong outings this past summer in the International Champions Cup, Weah followed that up with his first career senior goal for PSG in a 4-0 triumph over Monaco in August’s French Super Cup.

However, with a highly-talented forward group at PSG, a loan is the best opportunity for Weah to continue his development. A move to Celtic will also see Weah join up with former PSG teammate Odsonne Edouard, who moved to Glasgow from Paris permanently last summer.

The forward has also won eight caps for the USMNT, scoring one goal but will not be involved in this month’s upcoming camp.




    • Yea heard that also, as long as he is playing and showing signs of developing he could stay there next season as well

      • i think it would be “ok” for him because that’s longer than your usual loan this time of year, a level of team where he will play, and gets him from behind Neymar and Mbappe. But it’s not permanent so he’d be back in Paris mid 2020 and owe them at least a year more. I say he’d be back because the oddly long length of the loan perhaps suggests Celtic wants him for a while but doesn’t plan on buying. Otherwise 6 months with an option to buy at an agreed price makes more sense, less commitment, but a more rapid resolution. This length of time is like PSG wants him playing somewhere for a bit to see if he’s worth it, will give its stars through mid next year, and Celtic likes getting a decent player for a while they don’t have to hand back this summer.

      • “Good,” to me, on all these players, is they find a place that will play them and settle in and start producing. I don’t think it helps development wise that our players are now esteemed as prospect to the point where they can sign in Europe in droves, because they bypass college where they would be emphasized and get plenty of attention, and MLS where they might have significant roles immediately like Landon did, and instead you can be very good like Pulisic or Weah and get caught up in numbers games against elite competition. It’s a maturing soccer nation’s problem but still a problem nonetheless.

  1. There is a rumor here in Houston that Celtic are trying to get Alberth Elis for $6 million. So that would give some cred to pursuit of a “type” of aggressive athletic attacker but it would then be interesting if they sign both or just one, or if Weah is the fallback if they can’t get Elis, or vice versa. Both are raw but in theory Elis would be the more proven while Weah would have the big name.

    • PSG plays him as a CF, and Celtic has bigger need at that position but time will tell. Given the possession that Celtic generally has in league play their wingers are more forwards than midfielders anyway.

      • All well and good, and playing time in club is better than none for the Nats, but MNT he typically plays wing. I also think you are overstating “plays” re PSG, but we’ll see what Celtic does.

      • He played CF this summer in their friendlies and the 2 league appearances in August and in the Champions Cup match. He also played CF for PSG II but they don’t list stats for those matches so its hard to tell if that’s the only place he played. He started playing winger for USYNT because he was skinny and fast but now that he’s filled out he could play either. I don’t see him as wide midfielder with a lot of defensive responsibility but if it is in a 3 man front he could play centrally or wide. Celtic is short CF so you’d think he’d play there

      • let’s just ignore whether the USMNT has enough wingers and has plenty of forwards. Transfermarkt says 3 first team appearances for PSG total across all competitions, 144 mins total. he didn’t play UEFACL he played preseason ICC. There is a reason he needs a loan…..his 2 subs are for Neymar and Mbappe.

      • Perhaps, I misunderstood your initial comment. Celtic want him as a CF, he played 2 Ligue 1 matches and the Trophee de Champions as a CF (144 minutes) and as CF in the club friendlies this Summer. Celtic have also gotten some guy from West Brom on loan that is a RW. What I read most recently is that it is not Celtic that are after Elis but in the rumor mill who knows what is fact and what is put out to affect negotiations. (side note if there really is an offer to Dynamo for $7.6 million USD or 6 million pounds they should take it)
        If you are asking where Berhalter sees him, I think that depends on the formation he uses, if he is using the 4-3-3 that was often employed by Crew then he likely slots as a wing forward. I don’t think you see him as RM in 4-4-2 or something like that. Defense is not his strong suit, I think Sarachan played him at RM (4-1-4-1) mostly to get him on the field but it wasn’t overly successful. If the US is playing Concacaf squads and we have the possession and he can make runs from the wing he can be effective, but to be tracking back and defending against high-quality teams it puts him and the back behind him in a difficult spot. I think given a full roster and everyone is available Weah at the current level is a bench player, but as you’ve said we have limited views of his level right now.
        If you use Crew as your example, Santos, Meram, and Finlay and Manneh prior were not asked to do a lot of defending so Weah can play that role. Berhalter wants his FBs getting forward which would allow Weah to move inside with Yedlin/Cannon/Dest/Robinson/Bello coming outside so that fits him well. If we don’t have possession then that FB is pinned and Weah is stuck trying to defend and win possession in the midfield. If we play some sort of absorb and counter style (which isn’t what Berhalter has done in the past) then he’d be well suited as one of the two CFs attempting to run down long balls or running off of Sargent/Wood/Altidore holding it up (please no this sounds awful).

  2. Cool photo of Weah glad he is got an extension. I hope he lights it up for Celtic so PSG can make him a first team starter in the coming years.

    • I hope this means PSG sincerely rates his future and not some sort of horsetrading for more loans to happen or a favor to Weah’s Kid.

      • I would assume Weah’s future and present performance will determine what PSG does?

        I wonder what Weah’s salary is?

        Remember the value of anything is what someone else is willing pay for it!

      • I’m just pointing out Weah seemed more excited to go to Celtic, during a period which nominally would have been on the old deal, and then oddly he is signing a new deal, when he’s being loaned out by the primary team. And to me with Miazga/CCV/Scott etc it’s all well and good to sign big club but Hyndman is still bouncing around looking for someone to play him at 22. At some point and fairly young you want it to cross over into PSG plays him or sells him where he will play. I don’t care if PSG sees him as a valuable asset, I want the player doing well.

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