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SBI 2019 MLS Draft Big Board (Version 1.0)


The 2019 MLS Draft is a little more than a week away, and it’s time to start looking at the talent available to the league’s 24 teams.

As is the tradition at SBI, we will be ranking the MLS Draft prospects in the days leading up to the draft, which is set for Friday, January 11 in Chicago.

The first SBI MLS Draft Big Board includes the seven players reported as having signed Generation Adidas deals, as well two more top prospects, Manny Perez and David Egbo, who could still be signed to the group.

This board will be filled out in the coming days, with more detailed info on all the top prospects, so be sure to keep checking in here. Look for a brand new Big Board to drop on Monday, with a final Big Board set to drop on January 10th, the day before the 2019 MLS draft.

Now, without further ado, here are the top prospects in the 2019 MLS Draft:

SBI MLS Draft Big Board (Version 1.0)

(*=Generation Adidas Player)

1. *MANNY PEREZ, North Carolina St. Right Back (Bio)

2. *FRANKIE AMAYA, UCLA, Central Midfielder (Bio)

3. *TAJON BUCHANAN, Syracuse, Right winger/forward (Bio)

4. *J.J. WILLIAMS, Kentucky, Striker (Bio)

5. *SIAD HAJI, VCU, Winger/Midfielder (Bio)

6. *DAVID EGBO, Akron, Forward (Bio)

7. CALLUM MONTGOMERY, Charlotte, Centerback (Bio)

8. ANDRE SHINIYASHIKI, Denver, Forward  (Bio)

9. AKEEM WARD, Creighton, Right Back (Bio)

10. *DAYNE ST. CLAIR, Maryland, Goalkeeper  (Bio)

11. TOMMY MCCABE, Notre Dame, Defensive Midfielder (Bio)

12. SANTIAGO PATINO, FIU, Forward (Bio)

13. LOGAN GDULA, Wake Forest, Right Back (Bio)

14. SERGIO RIVAS, Seattle, Central Midfielder (Bio)

15. *GRIFFIN DORSEY, Indiana, Right Winger (Bio)

16. *JOHN NELSON, North Carolina, Left Back (Bio)

17. BRAD DUNWELL, Wake Forest, Defensive Midfielder (Bio)

18. RYAN SIERAKOWSKI, Michigan State, Striker (Bio)

19. ABDI MOHAMMED, Akron, Right Back (Bio)

20. WOUTER VERSTRAATEN, Pacific, Centerback (Bio)

21. DEJUAN JONES, Michigan State, Right Winger/RB (Bio)

22. JACOB HAUSER-RAMSEY, UConn, Centerback (Bio)

23. CHASE GASPER, Maryland, Left Back (Bio)

24. ALEX COMSIA, North Carolina, Centerback (Bio)

25. HASSANI DOTSON, Oregon State, Central Midfielder (Bio)

26. CAMDEN RILEY, Pacific, Defensive Midfielder (Bio)


27. MARCELLO BORGES, Michigan, Left Back


28. GEOFF DEE, Louisville, Central Midfielder

29. ANDREW SAMUELS Maryland Defensive Midfielder/RB

30. SEBASTIAN ELNEY, Maryland, Striker

31. RASHID NUHU, Fordham, Goalkeeper

32. ROY BOATENG, UC-Davis, Centerback

33. PROSPER FIGBE, Virginia, Centerback (Bio)

34. KAMAL MILLER, Syracuse, Centerback

35. SCOTT DEVOSS, Denver, Centerback

36. SHINYA KADONO, California, Winger/Central Midfielder

37. DON TCHILAO, Oregon State, Forward SR

38. DYLAN CASTANHEIRA, Columbia, Goalkeeper

39. LENNART HEIN, Saint Louis, Centerback

40. TUCKER BONE, Air Force, Right winger

41. JOEL RYDSTRAND, Creighton, Central Midfielder

42. RECE BUCKMASTER, Indiana, Right Back

43. AMAR SEJDIC, Maryland, Central Midfielder

44. QUENTIN PEARSON, Washington, Centerback

45. ANDERSON ASIEDU, UCLA, Defensive Midfielder

46. JOEY PIATCZYC, West Virginia, Central Midfielder

47. ABDOU MBACKE THIAM, UConn, Striker

48. GRANT STONEMAN, Loyola, Defender

49. LOUIS BARRAZA, Marquette, Goalkeeper

50. AMIR BASHTI, Stanford, Forward

51. KERVIN KENTON, Coastal Carolina, Left Centerback/Left Back

52. JANOS LOEBE, Fordham, Left Back

53. JAVI PEREZ, Pittsburgh, Central Midfielder

54. DYLAN GREENBERG, UConn, Left Back

55. MITCHELL OSMAND, U of Rio Grande, Centerback

56. BRENDAN MCDONOUGH, Georgetown, Centerback

57. KYLE COFFEE, Washington, Forward SR

58. MOSHE PEREZ, Denver, Defensive Midfielder

59. PATRICK BUNK-ANDERSON, Clemson, Central Defender

60. JACOV BASIC, UMass-Lowell, Centerback

61. JAMES PYLE, North Carolina, Goalkeeper

62. NILS BRUENING, North Carolina, Striker

63. BEN LUNDT, Akron, Goalkeeper

64. HUGO DELHOMEELE, Syracuse, Central Midfielder

65. RASHAWN DAILY, Quinnipiac, Forward

66. JIMMY HAGUE, Michigan State, Goalkeeper

67. NATHAN AUNE, Seattle, Centerback

68. EMIL CUELLO, SMU, Central Midfielder

69. THOMAS UELAND, Notre Dame, Forward

70. JOHN FREITAG, Michigan State, Right Back


  1. Was that a John Nelson sighting I saw on this list. Thought he was a decent LB for the u17s a few years ago

  2. I think the mainstream media does a disservice by not covering college soccer. I have no clue who any of these players are. It’s part of the larger problem with soccer in the US.

    • But the Chelsea game last night was soooo entertaining!
      It is a problem great soccer is everywhere and a bunch of whiners are holding it back by only focusing on Europe. Now college soccer is only on pay to play specific channels that single men pay for and old family guys who can’t cut the cord don T get because their wives need to watch Flip or Flop.
      (Or so I heard…when I wasn’t watching the college cup final this year)

    • People don’t care about college soccer in general. We covered college soccer on SBI for years and it never moved the needle. At a certain point, media outlets have to cover things that people are interested in. Also, college soccer is getting worse, not better, so coverage of college soccer is only going to keep shrinking.

    • Not saying you are going to be wrong….except the word ALL
      He signed a Gen Addidas contract, so not ALL accounts think he is gonzo

      • Ives reported on Goal yesterday that he had not signed Gen Add contract unless he’s done so in the last 24 hours. He needs a work permit, which is apparently easier to get in Scotland than England, but that is likely the hold up why Celtic hasn’t announced officially. He could still back out and sign with MLS in the meantime.

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