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Wayne Rooney arrested for public intoxication last month


Wayne Rooney did not have a particularly great holiday season.

According to ABC7, the D.C. United midfielder was reportedly arrested for public intoxication/searing at Washington D.C.’s Dulles International Airport on December 16. The infraction was a misdemeanor and he was released from police custody on recognizance and he paid a $25 fine and court costs.

This is not Rooney’s first run-in with the law when it comes to alcohol. He is currently serving a two-year ban from driving in the U.K. after he was arrested for drunk driving in September 2017.

Rooney came over to D.C. United over the summer after a long, successful career with Everton and Manchester United. He scored 12 goals in 20 regular season games with the team.

Shortly after the news broke, the club issued the following statement: “We are aware of news reports indicating that Wayne Rooney was arrested in December. We understand the media’s interest in this matter but believe this is a private matter for Wayne that D.C. United will handle internally.”


  1. OMG, hes at an airport and drank too much. So what? He’s not driving … whats the harm? Its not during the season so the team isnt invovled. Not the first time somebody drinks too much when flying nor will it be the last

  2. He can’t play away games in Canada?
    Get your act together. All that money and can’t grab a cab

    • that is interesting, why is that? there was some NYRB player in the Henry era who couldn’t get back in the country because immigration found out about a UK record. and others like that.

  3. I dont think it’s a big deal. I’m just not sure how DC United can call an arrest for public intoxication “a private matter”. That sounds dumb.

  4. Loser. Cra ppy choice in these days of Uber. MLS must punish appropriately or they too carry the Loser flag. Supposed to be a model for how it’s done.

    • Give me a break. He had a little too much to drink on the airplane and you want to crucify the guy. Now if he had been arrested with a DUI or DWI, that’s a different story. He didn’t, didn’t harm anyone and that’s it. Case closed.

      • “at Washington D.C.’s Dulles International Airport,” ie, he hadn’t boarded the plane yet. i doubt Wayne Rooney returned-to-England drives himself.

  5. Sounds like he had a few too many in the airport headed home to the UK for Xmas. Reading between the lines he was a little too soused and loud and got a $25 ticket on the way to the gate, after he was cited walked off and boarded. Not great and worth monitoring but not in the league of a DUI either.

  6. You think there is a pattern of behavior here?

    There was a point in Rooney’s career were i felt he was one of the most well rounded footballers in the world. However, his pattern of behavior is very dysfunctional beyond just poor judgment.

      • Yeah man, taking pills and drinking is little off center. Especially when you get messy belligerent in an airport or on a plane. Getting your drivers license suspended for two years in the U.K. for drunk driving can be a bit skewed. Admitting to frequenting “massage parlors” and prostitutes definitely against the norm.

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