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Tab Ramos: I’d like to coach a professional club at some point

NEW YORK — Not today.

That was part of the message Under-20 U.S. Men’s National Team head coach Tab Ramos delivered last Friday when asked about his future interest in coaching a professional club. Ramos has often been rumored in the past to be in the running for managerial jobs in MLS and was even linked heavily with taking over at FC Dallas last fall, but none of that, nor the fact that he is in his fourth cycle as U-20 coach, has made him desperate to want to join the professional ranks.

It is a goal he has for his career, however.

“I would say at some point, yes, I would like to, but this is definitely not the time,” said Ramos. “I’m really happy to be going to the World Cup right now. so I’m happy with that.”

The 52-year-old Ramos is currently in his fourth cycle and eighth year as U-20 head coach, and has done decently in terms of results at the World Cups. His overall record in those competitions is 5-4-4, with a pair of quarterfinals appearances in 2015 and 2017 and one group-stage exit in 2013.

While he seems to have a good thing going with the U-20 U.S. team, it certainly would stand to reason that at some point he would want to pursue other opportunities, especially ones where he could do more of the day-to-day coaching. There are currently three managerial vacancies in MLS (FC Cincinnati, the New England Revolution, and Colorado Rapids), and one of those clubs without a permanent head coach could be tempted to try and bring him on board after the World Cup concludes.

Even if they chose not to, Ramos is likely to remain a top coaching candidate for future openings in MLS. His work with the U-20 U.S. side has made him an interesting option. It is just up to him to decide when the timing is right.

“Internally, I am really happy that I think I have made a difference,” said Ramos. “It’s not going to happen but if I had to leave U.S. Soccer tomorrow, I’m happy that I feel like I’ve made a difference on the field as a player and I’ve made a difference now as a coach. I’m really happy with that.”


  1. “There are currently three managerial vacancies in MLS (FC Cincinnati, the New England Revolution, and Colorado Rapids”

    why would anyone leave a good job for any of these career dead ends. Cincinnati could be a good job in a few years but until the stadium and academy is online it shouldn’t suit him.

    Miami could be an interesting job, maybe if one of the NY jobs open up but I could see Ramos coaching in Mexico, Spain or Germany.

    • Don’t know if Tab has his UEFA Coaching badges, which is what he would need to coach in Europe.

      Also, why would any team in Scotland want Tab and why would he want to coach in Scotland? Except for Celtic and to a lesser extent Rangers, there is no money and very little talent or competitiveness in The Scottish Premiership.

      • Its Europe man, it is always better ! The South American player of the Year tried but he couldn’t make the cut to play in Scotland.
        Not trying to make fun of anyone’s league, just the Euro mentality of it is always better.
        The median attendance of a Scottish Prem team is 6k. The 7th best attended USL team is higher than that.

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