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Report: Cameron set to join QPR on permanent deal from Stoke

Geoff Cameron is reportedly set to join Queens Park Rangers on a permanent deal.

According to the Stoke Sentinel, Cameron is ready to leave the Potters after spending last season on-loan with the London club. He was left off Stoke’s preseason tour in the Netherlands.

The 33-year-old made 19 league appearances for the Rangers last season, scoring one goal and adding one assist. He missed a chunk of the season due to an ankle injury, but is keen on returning to the London club.

Cameron’s current deal with Stoke expires in June 2020, but it is likely he will make the move away from the club prior to then.

QPR finished 19th last season with 51 points while Stoke was three places higher in the table with 55 points.

Cameron has won 55 caps with the USMNT, but has struggled to start for Stoke since their relegation into England’s second-tier back in 2018.

Should Cameron return to QPR, he will face Stoke in the first league match of the 2019-20 EFL Championship season.


  1. “.. but has struggled to start for Stoke since their relegation into England’s second-tier back in 2018”
    i don’t think that characterizes the situation fairly.
    Geoff starting for Stoke after relegation was never even a possibility. Rowett said he was going young for 2018-19 immediately after getting hired and told Geoff as much. Cameron’s people started fishing for loans and hooked up with QPR before last summer’s window ended.
    Cameron wasn’t even in the 18 for Stoke’s first 5 matches because it was already understood that he was leaving.

  2. Yevgenily is Don Garber LOL aka 9The MLS apologist/defender!!!) MLS should be smart and start doing partnership programs with European clubs for youth loanees for youth internationals ass well as US players and USA youth who are being benched overseas like Emerson Hyndman.

    • I think we should reduce internationals to 5, make the 3rd DP domestic, and create a U23 team in USL of the biggest prospects. or we can let the invisible hand handle it like lately…..invisible hand doesn’t care if Weah actually plays.

      • With all the expansion this would drop the quality of the league. 5 out of 8 teams that played tonight had more than 5 in the starting lineup and 23 of 24 subs were internationals (some probably have green cards and don’t count as Int. Roster spots). A USL U23s all-Star if that is what you’re saying would be impossible to manage. It would end up like Bradenton with entitled players, living and playing in a bubble. MLS academies have produced Adams, McKinnie, Richards, Mendez, Ledezma, Pomykal, Aaronson, Pepi, Soto, Ferreira. All of these guys either got their feet wet with USL clubs or refused to sign with their clubs USLnteams so they could move to Europe. This system has begun to work time just needs to be given. The “missing generation” that didn’t develop to infuse new talent last cycle came through at a time when the MLS reserve division had ended but before teams had their own USL clubs. The big complaint against MLS players is they don’t have competition to keep them pushing to get better, limited roster competition and creating a super USL team would only make that worse.

      • See now you’re moving the goalposts all over the place. The excuse I hear usually is “it’s a business.” I don’t think 2 vs 3 foreign DPs or 5 vs 8 international slots does enough impact to the business to worry. You can still afford 2 foreign stars plus 3 more role players. So you move the goalposts to “quality.” In an absolute sense any roster restriction affects quality, though I just suggested not that much. But the other thing would be that pretty much every elite league muddles utopian capitalist perfection with some protection for the domestic player, knowing that the attraction for many fans is our players and our NT as much as the stars brought in. And the business irony is that the new liberalism on rosters still doesn’t get the snobs buying tickets. Re the U23s, Bradenton was the basis of a whole generation of elite American players and our strongest success. What is wrong with giving playing time to elite prospects that the MLS first teams won’t play? Europe isn’t going to be their pal any more than MLS is. So we need an alternative and not lame, unscientific suggestions that the players involved can just figure out how to do better. What we see right now is the squeezeout and its impact on the NT. So where is your invisible hand elevating the games of domestic prospects back up? You see where it’s theoretical hopefulness hiding behind the practical fact of teams with 8 or 9 foreigners starting. Like I said, you change the rules and you immediately get 50 domestic players getting more time and a chance to grow.

      • Playing time against weaker teams and with no one pushing you for your spot isn’t going to bread talent. Develop your players and sell them on that’s the model that boosts US soccer forward. It’s more cost effective than the current buy players from SA.

  3. He went on loan to QPR end of the August window 2018 and played 19 Championship games over a full season. Less than half time. Come home.

      • I would recognize I probably already have millions in the bank and come how to finish my career playing rather than watching, in the country where my next career eg coaching or broadcasting would need to be. If he thinks England is going to give him the same second career options, good luck with that delusion. Staying would only make sense, to me, if he has met a nice English girl and doesn’t care if he works another day when he retires. Cause you could send England or Wales Bob Bradley to coach and they would kvetch. He is naive about the bias there because he was a mid-career transfer in immediate demand to start at a modest team, not a big club or youth signee.

    • And that really is the problem.
      Play in Europe, which is a complete mess. Or don’t get supported by American fans in MLS
      …really need to get the last part solved to make the first part irrelevant.

    • He’s stated a few times MLS is never an option for him. He’s got the mentality that if you can’t cut it overseas then it’s time to retire – not join a retirement league. I love his mindset and hope he can have a healthy season

      • @MK – do you really think that MLS is still a retirement league?!!!
        How many 35 year old has beens can you name that are in the league today?

      • No, wrong. He actually wrote an op-ed against precisely that US vs Europe mentality just last year. What he really doesn’t like is the Dynamo dragged out his sale to Stoke. MLS had signed off and we held out for more money. I don’t get where that became a general MLS beef. And people need to not confuse “go abroad and test yourself young” with “end there.” Two different things. if he “ends there” he will have been gone so long here he will be forgotten. What’s his next career step, then? He gonna coach in England? Good luck with that eg Bob Bradley and how Swansea fans treated him.

    • Your assuming he wants to do something related to football. He’s a handsome guy if he wants to do tv, he’ll likely get an opportunity whether that’s here or there. It’s not like Mo Edu was a big time star or Hercules Gomez. How many Americans saw Craig Burley play?

      • I am unfairly and without basis suggesting he might want to do TV or otherwise be involved, because he wrote an otherwise gratuitous op-ed at the end of last cycle. A player whose retirement goal is fishing doesn’t write op-eds about the state of American soccer. he just goes fishing. It’s not quite Howard or Friedel doing broadcasting in their offseasons or injury periods, but it’s not baseless either.

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