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Bedoya demands changes involving gun violence following latest U.S. shootings

WASHINGTON — The Philadelphia Union bounced back from consecutive road defeats to steamroll rivals D.C. United 5-1 on Sunday night at Audi Field. Not only did the team pick up an important three points in the Eastern Conference playoff race, but its veteran midfielder and captain Alejandro Bedoya voiced his opinion on a serious issue in the United States.

After breaking the deadlock in the third minute, Bedoya celebrated with his teammates before picking up a tv microphone on the sidelines. The audio caught Bedoya screaming into the mic “Hey Congress do something, end gun violence lets go!”

Bedoya’s actions came just a day after a pair of shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas killed 29 people and left many families and citizens rattled. It also came after five additional people were killed in the U.S. in other cities as well. The veteran was not shy after the match when asked about his actions on live television.

“I have nothing to be afraid of. I am not going to let them win or live my life in fear,” Bedoya said. “I’m not going to sit idle and wait for things to happen 50 years from now, I want change to happen now in this country. There is no reason for a person to have an automatic gun with 100 rounds and can shoot however many bullets in a minute. If the league wants to fine me, then fine me I don’t care.”

“There are days I drop my children off at school and I always worry about something happening,” Bedoya said. “I always worry about getting a text message or phone call that the school is on lockdown. Why should any human being live their life in fear? More guns are not the freaking answer that is one thing for sure.”

Bedoya has voiced his opinion in the past on the issue, as recently as 2018. After a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida last March, Bedoya honored the victims by wearing a shirt under his jersey after a 2-0 win over the New England Revolution.

Although MLS may revisit the incident this week which could see Bedoya fined, it is a step in the right direction by professional athletes who want to see changes in the country. Union head coach Jim Curtin admitted he did not know Bedoya was going to celebrate that way, but he will continue to back him on and off the field.

“Look I’m on Alejandro’s team on the Union and on his team regarding his actions on gun control,” Curtin said. “250 shootings this year, I’m on his side. Things need to change in this country and I’ll support anyone who not only speaks their mind, but also does it informatively and intelligently every time. It’s a real issue that needs change.”

“A lot of people will tell myself and Ale to shut up and just worry about sports, but it’s crazy and it’s an issue that needs to change.”

The Union would roll their fifth consecutive league win over D.C. United which propels them back into the top spot in the Eastern Conference.


  1. Most gun violence come cities strictest gun laws: Baltimore, Chicago etc…

    Why protest not Islamic terrorist violence in U.S.? Protest: Or mexican cartels genocide in Southern California?, register Democrats committing mass shooting (Orlando, San Bernardino etc… ), ANIFA attacking elder people and non-whites?

    • He literally said ‘Hey Congress do something, end gun violence now!’

      Not sure how you can infer that Bedoya is silent about urban gang violence, the overflow of guns from the surrounding states these cities are located in, domestic terrorism, or, your biggest fear, a loosely collaborated group of mostly college-aged ‘leftist’ with no formal institutional power who engage in occasional street fights with other mostly college-aged ‘Rightwingers.’ Heck, Bedoya offered various solutions in his follow-up tweet that would address the problems you stated.

      Quite possibly it might be time to do some self-investigating and think through if all that InfoWars you consume is really helping you be a ‘free-thinker’ or if your just be swept side-to-side by an outrage machine that was founded and is coordinated by a former Goldman Sach’s investor turned turned presidential campaign manager by-the-way-of Internet media mogul.

      • Exactly Oldleftback. Nothing partisan about asking Congress to do something. Anything but sitting in their hands is better than nothing at all.

  2. Another “glory grabber attention seeking” NPC.

    Focus on entertain and trying to performance higher standard (like 2013)

    • Hey look everybody! Not only can Scott not spell or write a complete sentence, but he thinks he’s smart by using infowars meme codes like NPC. Hey Scott, you’re a vile, illiterate tool. Crawl back into the cave you came from (that cave, presumably, being 8chan). We’re taking away your right to kill innocent people, you disgusting troll. We’re coming for you. Tick, tick, tick…

      • Another “soyboy” without a clue.

        I am disable vet immigrant that worked hard to become an AMERICAN! and small business owner, seen my hometown like Los Angeles: most gun owners are illegal aliens.
        Yet NPC like you live middle-class surrounding and have no clue how working-class live.

  3. Hmmmmm…. Hard to know how to feel about this. Last time I saw a player grab an on-field mic after a goal was Rapinoe in 2011 (“Born in the USA!”). I don’t have a problem with players voicing political opinions for the most part, but I wonder where this sort of thing goes.
    For all we know, a pro-gun player will do the same thing next weekend and start quoting Charlton Heston and/or Kid Rock. Where does it end?

      • Automatic Weapons are already “Banned” (highly restricted). The weapons used are semi-automatic. They look scary but are no more deadly than a pistol. Open societies have safety risks from crazy people among. Is the solution is to allow government to control everything. Then you will have “peace”.

    • TA,

      Sorry but there is a big difference. A pistol is a short-range weapon, accurate only for a few yards for all but the very experienced shooters. Today’s semi-automatic assault rifles are deadly accurate. I shot a friend’s AR for the first time and held a five inch grouping at a hundred yards. Also, most AR magazines hold more rounds than a pistol mag. I hate talking politics on a soccer site, but there are ways to ensure that responsible gun owners can acquire firearms to protect their homes and hunt deer, while at the same time keeping crazy people from acquiring weapons of war. It just takes those in power showing some common sense and compromise. Btw, good for Bedoya for speaking out.


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