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Bedoya will not face discipline for on-field message about gun violence

Major League Soccer will not punish Philadelphia Union midfielder Alejandro Bedoya following his on-field actions in Sunday’s 5-1 league win over D.C. United.

After scoring an opening goal in the third-minute, Bedoya picked up a sideline microphone and implored the United States Congress following recent shootings around the country.

Bedoya’s message was “Hey Congress, do something now. End gun violence.” A total of 31 people were killed in four separate shootings across the country last week, while an additional 50 were injured.

Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas were the most recent shootings, happening on Saturday.

Major League Soccer released a statement on Monday in response to Bedoya’s actions.

MLSPA Executive Director Bob Foose also released a statement in support of the 32-year-old veteran midfielder.

United States president Donald Trump addressed the media on Monday following the recent week’s tragedies.

“This morning, our nation is overcome with shock, horror and sorrow,” Trump said. “This weekend, more than 80 people were killed or wounded in two evil attacks. These barbaric slaughters are an assault upon our communities, an attack upon our nation and a crime against all of humanity.

“In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy. These sinister ideologies must be defeated. Hatred has no place in America. … We vow to act with urgent resolve.”

Philadelphia Union head coach Jim Curtin also showed support of his player’s actions in a postmatch interview with reporters.

“Look I’m on Alejandro’s team on the Union and on his team regarding his actions on gun control,” Curtin said. “250 shootings this year, I’m on his side. Things need to change in this country and I’ll support anyone who not only speaks their mind, but also does it informatively and intelligently every time. It’s a real issue that needs change.”

“A lot of people will tell myself and Ale to shut up and just worry about sports, but it’s crazy and it’s an issue that needs to change.”


  1. They didn’t punish him? So, does that mean there are people who support gun violence and want him to be punished? Asking for a friend.

    • Here’s the problem: What if a player wants to speak up about orphans who need homes after he scores? Or childhood obesity? Failing public school education? The evils of single-use straws? The Democratic Party? Now MLS has to decide what speech must be fined and which shouldn’t and in so doing, they have to approve certain speech and and disapprove of other speech. They’re spending their time reviewing tape of Wondo who sang happy 100th birthday to his grandmother…

    • Gary, MLS is on the side of the social contract of when you purchase a ticket to a match you do not expect to be shot while attending. Just as while shopping at WalMart one does not expect to be gunned down participating in commerce.
      Or beat up while walking to a soccer match because of the shirt you are wearing!

  2. Considering the shooter in El Paso has the same viewpoints as the groups stirring up trouble at Sounders and NYCFC games it has become about soccer.

  3. White folks are always uncomfortable when gun violence gets bought up saying they going to disarm us like Hitler did the Jews. Nothing will be done cause whites dont care about mass people getting killed look at how Europeans mass killed Native Americans and Africans during colonization. Stop with that BS, people shpuld not have the right to own a military styled gun. And if ypu think it is okay for a regular joe blow to own one you arr part of the problem and fuck you

    • SMH, as you would put it. I resent your post for its ignorance and generalizations which are the ingredients for racism and hatred. The very ingredients that are driving this nightmare.
      We all are individuals with variants of skin tones. Wish all of society would evolve out of generalizations.

      Your frustration and emotion is shared among all races.

      For those that debate about soccer being free of society/world issues, i have a good book recomendation. “How Soccer Explains The World”.

      Bedoya’s action, I respect it. got media coverage and just piling on for change.

      • So remember,
        No political or religious messages to be displayed while on the field.

        Unless MLS agrees with you, then it’s cool.

        And yes, this was a political message. It wasn’t a call for unity, it was “hey Congress” and we all know what the anti-2nd amendment crowd’s policy is they are advocating for when they say “do something.”

        No way in hell would this have flown if he had said “end illegal immigration” after any of the murders done by illegal immigrants. I’m not trying to start a debate on that topic but point out that no way would MLS have allowed that.

        What a joke.

      • Not causing but conflict.

        You don’t see this in: Serie A, EPL, or any other leagues.

        Reason why “white middle class” behavior is killing MLS and USSF from growing.

    • This is about something that happened at a soccer match and was said by a soccer player, and was reviewed by a soccer league. It would be dumb of sbi not to cover it.

      • EXACTLY! These “hot takes” of keep it about soccer are just dumber than a bag of hammers.

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