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SBI Question of the Day: Which market should be next for MLS expansion?

Major League Soccer has announced St. Louis as the latest addition to its ever-growing roster of cities. The arrival of the Gateway to the West will put the league at 28 total teams with two more slots still to be filled after the league confirmed it would target an increase to 30 total teams.

Several cities have formally bid and/or expressed interest. Sacramento has long been a favorite to land a team despite being passed up on several occasions thanks to a complicated ownership situation. Markets like Las Vegas and Charlotte have recently received renewed interest from investors and have a lot of public momentum. Phoenix and San Diego have star power behind their bids and seemingly sound stadium plans. Even Detroit, Tampa, and Raleigh are still alive despite an array of setbacks.

Which city do you think should be next in the MLS expansion line? Vote in the poll and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. How about stop supporting the pyramid scheme MLS, and get whoever wons USL1 promoted, at the expense of the crappiest team from this crappy league.
    Promotion-relegation,a novel concept,no?
    I know, I know, have to offload Garber if this is to happen.

    • Not going to happen. Renewing season tickets today, supporting the ponzi scheme,
      and Pro/Rel is a very dumb idea that MLS will never adopt.
      Why do people in favor of Pro/Rel always say get rid of the bad teams and bring in a better one, you would think after 150 years of doing so it would be solved, but nope, the bottom team of the Prem last year? 82 points back. (The most they could be is 114)
      82 points back. Probably this year. This will be the year the have a good competitive league. It hasn’t happened yet, but 2019 is the year!!!

    • New rule for everyone that wants pro/rel in the US
      You are now responsible for finding 100 billionaires to invest and build teams in the US
      We need more teams
      We need more stadiums
      Nothing happens without that

  2. Sacramento. They have a great organic fanbase. They can also tap into a reservoir of talent and strong youth development programs. This would greatly benefit the NATs program in the future. But since MLS doesn’t give a sh*t about that, I’d expect Sac to not be chosen because of blah blah television market or something.

    • You can’t just say “blah, blah television market or something”
      Doesn’t matter what league, what sport, money dominates the conversation first and foremost.
      PS, not saying I am against Sacramento. Good luck to you.


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