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Question of the Day: Where should Pochettino go next?

Mauricio Pochettino’s dismissal as Tottenham manager came as a surprise to many, but with the smooth transition from Pochettino to Jose Mourinho at Spurs putting an early pause to questions about whether it was the right move, attention now turns to where Pochettino will wind up next.

There isn’t a more highly-rated manager on the open market at the moment than Pochettino, and he has become available at a time when several top clubs either have openings, or could have openings in the coming days and weeks.

Bayern Munich and Arsenal are currently operating with interim managers, while Manchester United’s continued struggles have left Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on the hot seat, leaving Pochettino linked to the same club he was previously linked to a year agro.

A report over the weekend revealed that any Premier League team interested in hiring Pochettino will likely have to reimburse Tottenham for the eight-figure buyout it paid him when he was fired. That could slow down some of the pursuits for Pochettino, but you havc to think clubs like Arsenal and Manchester United aren’t going to steer clear just because of the price tag.

The SBI Question of the Day is where do you think Pochettino should go next? Think he should return to the Premier League, or see a move to the Bundesliga in his future?

Cast your vote below, and share your reasoning in the comments section below:

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  1. I’m not sure why he would rush into a mid season job? Why not let the season play out and assess the best opportunity. Take a job you can succeed at for the best five years
    The trend I am seeing with some top clubs in the EPL is go with younger players and position your club for a run in the next few years as Liverpool ages. Chelsea and ManU are playing a lot young players and seeing a lot of positives. It’s really a race for top four Champions League money. If you can finish top four with youth now the transfer window over the next four years could put your club at the top of Europe.
    Bayern Munich is the easiest job to succeed at but the most fickle ownership group. The Bundesliga is a good league but nowhere as competitive as the EPL. Munich is generally men playing against boys and then poaching the top talent from there own league. The board does not mess around and expect results from their investments.
    Munich’s toughest matches are always in Champions league play. Where the EPL teams will play a mid week match against a Juventus or PSG and then play a weekend match versus Leicester City.


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