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SBI Video Q&A (December Edition)



  1. Great video ives. Looking forward to watching the u23 Olympic qualifying and watching the senior nats progress. Ives if you book hotels with at least a small gym you can still workout while on trips just a friendly tip, I know it’s hard getting in a decent workout specially after a trip or jet lag.

  2. Ives – @ the 21-23 minute mark You talked about players “earning” the right to represent the USMNT, and I agree. However, what about players playing their way out of consideration. There have been many players who’ve been included in Berhaulter’s rosters who have been playing poorly for the USMNT and even at their clubs….and yet continue to receive call-ups to Camps.

    • People need to give this narrative a rest. Not trying to pick on one guy, just responding to a common thread.
      So many that have this narrative had Morris in this catagory. Now they suddenly are ok with him? It is a handful of games if you get selected A LOT to prove yourself. Morris played a few great games, so now he is fine.
      Many of the players are being played, Roldan style, in different positions because coaches already know what they can do in their regular position.
      Add to that a different system.
      Next step is to say, oh Pulisic is fine. Sure he couldn’t find the game many times for a third or fourth time in a row, but he is fine cause he is already determined to be our best player, so…..
      i call that a double standard. go one way or the other. A handful of games determines it or your body of work determining who can help the team the most.


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