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Servania added to U.S. Men’s National Team January camp

FC Dallas midfielder Brandon Servania has been added to the U.S. Men’s National Team January camp roster.

U.S. Soccer announced the decision on Saturday, which now sees Gregg Berhalter’s roster bumped up to 26 players. Servania had a strong debut MLS season in 2019, making 19 combined appearances for FC Dallas. He scored two goals and registered three assists for the club.

This will be Servania’s first senior call up to the USMNT, after making seven appearances for the USMNT Under-20 side since 2018.

Berhalter’s side continue its January camp in Bradenton, Fla. ahead of its first match of 2020. Feb. 1st will see the USMNT host Concacaf rivals Costa Rica at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, Cali.

It will be the first match of a busy 2020 schedule which also will see the USMNT face the Netherlands in a March friendly in Amsterdam. The Concacaf Nations League semifinals kick off as well in June before 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifying begins in September.

Here’s an updated look at the current USMNT roster:

GOALKEEPERS: Sean Johnson, Bill Hamid, JT Marcinkowski, Matt Turner.

DEFENDERS: Julian Araujo, Reggie Cannon, Chase Gasper, Justen Glad, Aaron Long, Mark McKenzie, Sam Vines, Walker Zimmerman.

MIDFIELDERS: Brenden Aaronson, Christian Cappis, Bryang Kayo, Sebastian Lletget, Paxton Pomykal, Cristian Roldan, Brandon Servania, Jackson Yueill.

FORWARDS: Paul Arriola, Jesus Ferreira, Jonathan Lewis, Ulysses Llanez, Jordan Morris, Gyasi Zardes.


  1. Hoping that with all the young guys call into this camp we can finally find some options and depth at positions of need or where our current options are aging out.

    CDM – Between Yueill, Cappis, & now Servania we can hopefully find a back-up to Adams who isn’t aging out (Bradley, Morales, Williams) or isn’t Crap (Trapp).

    LB – Ream is aging & slow, Lovitz was never a real option. Gasper & Vines aren’t likely to jump to the front of the depth chart…but could advance themselves into depth chart as # 4 or 5 at LB behind Dest, Robinson, & Gloster.

    ACM/CM – Aaronson & Pomykal have a real opportunity to overtake Roldan with a strong camp. Roldan has not performed very well over the last year at the creative midfield role that Berhaulter has asked him to play. A strong performance by either of these 2 could propel them into real consideration going forwards.

    • Servania is not going to be a six for Berhalter. He’s not really a six for FC Dallas and he only played the six for Tab when Durkin wasn’t available. He’s an 8.
      Aaronson is competing with Lletget at the 10 not a Roldan for the 8/10 spot. Aaronson’s defense would be problematic as the 8/10. Pomykal hopefully knock off Roldan. We’ve seen Yueill push Trapp out of the roster and clearly GGG is looking to replace Lovitz so he does respond to results even if it’s slower than we’d like. I think there’s still a spot for Holmes somewhere hopefully he gets a chance in March.

      • Keep in mind that most of these players are still very, very early in their evolution as players. It is common for players to start their careers in 1 position and over time; as they gain experience; grow into different positions. Or are used differently by different coaches.
        This is most commonly seen as players age they shift further & further back on the field.
        – Beasley started as a wide forward/midfielder but ended his career as a LB.
        – Bradley started as a 8 but is ending his career as a 6.
        Don’t be surprised if in 2-3 years Aaronson defense improves and he’s asked to play more of a Box-to-Box CM role. Or that Servania doesn’t transition to more of a CDM.

        Attacking talent seems to emerge earlier in a players career, while the ability to read the game defensively tends to take longer.

      • JR- He started next to C. Durks vs Ukraine. The team struggled offensively. Mendez started in the 8 role 3 out of 5 matches, during the U20 WC. Servania looked more comfortable in the 6 w/ Pomykal, Mendez & Ledezma playing in front of him.

      • I could see Servania playing as a 6 at some point he may even play their for Dallas but he doesn’t have the passing skills Berhalter wants at that position. Aaronson will not be a #8, if he has to switch to that role it’s because he hasn’t progressed but Union can’t dump his contract. It’s just not what he is. Both Beasley and Bradley switched positions late not because of ability but because their bodies couldn’t handle the box to box roles they’d played as a winger and 8, same for Bedoya going from an AM to Dm.

      • I think your confused as to what the numbers/positions mean to Berhalter. Mendez wore number 8 but was never a #8. He played the Pulisic attacking midfield role. Servania played next to him in possession and would track back next to Durkin in defense hence he’s the box to box #8. We never played a double 6 like you might see Adams play for RBL. Pomykal wore #10 but operated as a wing in match 1 and then as the 8 in his other matches next to Mendez or Ledezma. It doesn’t really matter where he played for Tab anyway because Berhalter needs his DM to be able long line splitting passes, Brandon does not do that. He’s not in camp to replace Bradley or Trapp, he’s there to compare to Roldan. Where Berhalter plays Pomykal is a bigger mystery. He can play as an 8, a 10, or a wing. His work rate, ball carrying and passing have people believing he could also be a 6 in Berhalter’s system.

      • Berhaulter’s “System” is basically a 4-1-4-1, that uses two 8’s (Box to Box) players just ahead of a CDM, and a RB that pinches inside next to the 6 when in possession. He hasn’t used his system since the Loss to Canada….because it’s too easy to trap us in our defensive end when we try and force the passes to Bradley.
        He’s been primarily using McKennie & Roldan ahead of the CDM. One is given more defensive responsibility and the other is given more attacking responsibility. Problem being is that neither are very attacking players. That’s why many are hoping/pushing for the emergence of a more attack capable CM (Pomykal, Parks,) or a more traditional 10 (Mihailović, Scott, Ledezma) would emerge with the U-23’s that could step up.

        A secondary concern, for me, is that McKennie appears to be becoming injury prone. He hasn’t missed any critical games yet, but that’s more due the fact we haven’t had any.
        He’s been good when healthy, but if we can’t rely upon him he’ll just be this cycles Jozy.
        Therefore we need viable depth at the 8 spot…and the only way to find it is to call in players who may grow into the roll over the next 2 years.

    • Berhalter doesn’t want to use two 8s hence why Pulisic played centrally this Summer. He’s tried to play with that this Fall because he doesn’t have a true #10. Aaronson, Mendez, and Ledezma all could fit here and allow McKennie to get back to his late arriving to the box #8 role but as you said they’ve got developing to do. Servania fits into the more box to box role that McKennie played this Summer and Roldan “filled” this fall.

      • JR – I watched every match U20 WCs. I’m not confused what numbers corresponding to position, and that club/league numbers don’t always apply to said position. Mendez played the 8. Pomykal wasn’t on the pitch, or wasn’t in the 10 spot, US lacked attacking bite. I don’t think your honest about watching these matches. This is not the 1st time, you have tried to convince me, what I saw in a match, or tournament wasn’t real.

    • Perhaps our perceptions of positioning is different. I tried to go back but couldn’t find the full matches anywhere. Durkin was the deepest midfielder during possession with Servania, Pomykal, or Mendez in front. In defense Servania or Pomykal were deeper than Mendez. The exception being Ukraine because Pomykal played on the wing with Weah as the CF. Lost was wondering if Servania would push out Trapp, that’s not where Servania plays even if you want to say he was a six next Durkin, Brandon would be vying for attention Roldan, Morales, McKennie position, Durkin would be going for Trapp, Bradley, Yueill spot. I understand number positioning is harder to decipher in the current game because teams like the NT use different formations in possession than in defense didn’t ran to offend or gaslight you. For what it’s worth Soccerway and Transfermkt back up my memory.

  2. That brings to 4 the number of young FC Dallas players on the roster. Ferreira, Cannon, Pomykal and Sevania.

    I am not sure what that bodes for the USMNT, but it is exciting for FC Dallas who also have J. Nelson and could have easily a starting 11 with players even younger than the Red Bulls routinely start.

    • I’m no coach but I would call in Hedges & Hollingshead, as well as Jess Gonzalez for FC Dallas. That would give u 4 spots to fill, LW, RW, Left-CB, and an 8. Against Concacaf opponents only though! I don’t think any team in the MLS has as much potential USMNT players than Dallas.

      • Is that because Dallas is getting more of them younger and not waiting for them to go through college? As most other countries do in professional sports.

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