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Report: FC Cincinnati head coach Jans under investigation for alleged use of racial slur

FC Cincinnati head coach Ron Jans is reportedly in some hot water.

Jans has been accused of using a racial slur and has “stepped away” from the team while an investigation is completed, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. The Dutch manager has apparently claimed that he used the N-word while singing along to a song played in the locker room,

The MLS Players Association issued a statement on Friday afternoon with regards to the situation.

“The Players Association was very recently made aware of extremely inappropriate comments made by FC Cincinnati coach Ron Jans,” read the statement. “We have made a report to the appropriate league officials and expect an immediate and thorough league investigation to be conducted.”

Jans, 61, allegedly had another incident occur last season in which he made comments about slavery prior to the match against D.C. United on Oct. 6.

FC Cincinnati is still in the midst of its preseason preparations. The team is scheduled to start its 2020 MLS campaign on the road on March 1 against the New York Red Bulls.


  1. And I wonder who was playing this music? Kind of hard to play the music… that’s OK but if someone sings along with the music being played, hes a bad guy??? Doesnt add up to me. If he survives this… the first thing Id do is ban that music … just to be safe. People could be guilty of “knowing” the lyrics

  2. This story is very incomplete. The complaint originated from one of his own (American) players, who was 1) present at the time & had the full context 2) is presumably a young man familiar with song lyrics & the seriousness – or lack of – singing along with them, depending on the circumstances.

    The fact that he was suspending for this & that there is already a previous issue makes it seem to me that there is some sort of underlying issue that the players have detected and are uncomfortable with, and not just a simple slip up or overreaction.

  3. Not condoning it by any stretch of the imagination, but singing along to an offensive lyric doesn’t strike me as making a “comment”, in the same way that Mike Petke made a “comment” to a Mexican referee last year. Devil of course is in the details; facts matter.

    • That is the dual “problem”, not voicing trying to voice any opinion and I definitely don’t have an opinion on Jans as a person. My opinion is if it offends the people around you don’t do it, including playing/singing the music with the offensive word. Does he deserve a pass for learning it offended? No clue

      • As a black man, this does nothing for me as ive been in many a locker room where that type of music was playing and white players recited the lyrics from those songs and it meant nothing….its a song for Christ sakes

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