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Inter Miami coach Diego Alonso confident MLS season will resume, finish in 2020


There might be plenty of uncertainty with regards to the 2020 MLS season right now, but Inter Miami head coach Diego Alonso is confident it will both resume and finish this year.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put many aspects of life on hold across the globe, with the current MLS campaign being no exception. The 2020 season has been paused for nearly two weeks now because of the coronavirus outbreak, and there is not much clarity as to when the league’s suspension will end given the need for social distancing and isolation.

Nonetheless, Alonso believes that this trying moment will pass and that the games for Inter Miami and the rest of the league will resume at some point in the relatively near future.

“Yes, I am convinced that we will play again this season, and that we will both play and finish the 2020 campaign,” said Alonso in Spanish on a conference call on Tuesday. “We have to wait in this current moment, but I am convinced we will play again this year and that we will finish the season.”

Alonso, who is off to an 0-2 start with the expansion team, added that he was confident the 2020 campaign would be played in its entirety because of how much time MLS has to work with. Unlike many of its European counterparts, Major League Soccer’s current season is not scheduled to end this summer and can instead be played through December.

The Uruguayan manager stressed multiple times on Tuesday, however, the need for the public to respect the rules and guidelines that authorities are providing.

“If we do everything they say, surely we can get out of this tough situation quickly,” said Alonso.

In the short term, Alonso and Inter Miami will continue to heed caution. They want to get back on the field for team training and games, but know they, like the rest of MLS, just have to wait right now for the coronavirus outbreak to pass and things to return to normal.

“It is an obstacle on a professional and sporting level without a doubt, but right now what is more important is the health of the community and all of us and our families,” said Alonso. “We need to pay attention and follow what the authorities tell us. We’re in complete agreement with what MLS says with regards to the stoppage, and we will continue working with the team with the rules we have at this moment and with what the authorities ask of us.”

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