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It’s SBI Q & A Time: Talking USMNT, MLS, and more

With the soccer world on hold, and soccer fans eager to keep talking about the game, it is time for the latest SBI Q&A.

Please submit your soccer-related questions (and pop culture questions) in the comments section below and SBI editor-in- chief Ives Galarcep will post his responses on Wednesday.

Want to ask something about the U.S. Men’s National Team, MLS, European soccer or South American soccer? Have a question about music or movies? Send them our way, and we will answer as many of them as we can, both in written form, and as part of our next SBI Video Q&A.

Send your questions our way!



  1. The new Jay Electricity is of course what everyone is talking about. Its dope lyrically but…where did the drums go?? Are too many people on this Roc Marciano style of rhyming over violins, etc and not drums?

  2. You get to create the best USMNT player using retired players body parts.

    So you get to choose whose left leg, right leg, head, brain(soccerIQ), hands and maybe eyes(vision of the game). Lets toss in heart for grittiness.

    If you get really bored you can do also do only current players.

  3. Do you think Liverpool will be given the title, the season completes later, or they nullify everything like that woman from West Ham wants so she can save her club from relegation?

  4. How concerned are you about Christian Pulisic’s long-term ability to stay healthy? Is he just getting unlucky, or is he the next John O’Brien?

    • I was going to ask the same thing. I don’t know exactly how long the longest healthy stretch of his career has been. It doesn’t seem like it’s been very long at all. And getting further injured during rehab is eerily reminiscent of O’Brien or Holden.


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