Your Questions Answered: March Edition

Your Questions Answered: March Edition


Your Questions Answered: March Edition


It is time for the latest SBI Q&A, with readers having submitted questions for SBI editor-in-chief Ives Galarcep to answer.

We have questions on the USMNT, USWNT, MLS, and more, so let’s get started.

Here are your questions answered:

Should US Soccer be responsible to pay USWNT the $34 million FIFA delta? (WAYNE)

IVES – It’s an interesting dilemma for U.S. Soccer, because the reality is the disparity between the Men’s World Cup winner prize and Women’s World Cup winner prize is a FIFA-created problem. Does that absolve U.S. Soccer completely? No, but I also don’t think U.S. Soccer should be on the hook for covering that difference in its entirety.

That being said, considering the USWNT are the only world champions U.S. Soccer can point to, there’s no reason why U.S. Soccer can’t contribute to helping cover that different to some degree.

How concerned are you about Christian Pulisic’s long-term ability to stay healthy? Is he just getting unlucky, or is he the next John O’Brien? (JOE)

IVES- Pulisic’s injuries have been shorter-term muscle injuries, and comparing him to O’Brien, who had significant injuries that cost him long stretches before cutting short his career, feels very premature. I’d chalk it up to him being a bit unlucky, and would probably start to worry more if and when he started having some long-term injuries.

What do you think the likelihood is that Steffen spends next season with Man City and will have a chance to play? (JOHNNYRAZOR)

IVES – If Manchester City can’t overturn its looming Financial Fair Play suspension from Champions League, then it will become significantly tougher for City to attract an adequate backup goalkeeper. Not one better than Steffen, who fits in well stylistically with how City likes to play.

Of course, with Fortuna Dusseldorf in the relegation zone, staying in the Bundesliga might not be as simple a proposition as we think. Now, if the Bundesliga follows through with what is being reported as a possible move to put off relegating teams this season then Steffen would have to consider whether to stay in Germany and be a starter or be an understudy for Man City. That’s not an easy decision.

If everyone is healthy, who is your starting xi this fall for WC qualifiers? (THREE GOALS)

IVES – If everyone is healthy, here’s the XI I would start for the early qualifiers:






I’m sure some folks will complain about Altidore and Bradley being there, but the reality is Altidore is still the top striker, and a healthy Bradley can still do the job, especially with McKennie and Adams in front of him to help him cover ground.

The other option is to play Adams as the defensive midfielder, and plug in either a Duane Holmes or Sebastian Lletget next to McKennie.

Josh Sargent and Gio Reyna have the talent to break into the starting lineup eventually, but if we’re talking qualifiers that are set to take place in just a few months, I think the above lineup gets the job done. Of course, Altidore staying healthy is a big caveat, but if he’s healthy, he’s still the top option. Will that be the case a year from now? Not if Sargent can continue to develop and becomes a consistent starter in the Bundesliga.

If there’s a position that’s up in the air for me, it’s right back, where I’m starting DeAndre Yedlin if he’s playing regularly. Right now he’s not playing at Newcastle. That can obviously change, but if he’s not playing, then you have to give the nod to Reggie Cannon.

I know some will suggest Sergino Dest at right back, but I think Dest at left back and Cannon at right back is better than any combo of Dest at right back and someone else at left back. Could that change in a year when someone like Antonee Robinson or Chris Gloster emerges to challenge at left back? Sure, but for right now I’m keeping Dest at left back.

Over/Under 25 on the amount of games MLS plays for the rest of the season when (or if) the season resumes…(MISTER JC)

IVES- That’s a very good question. Two months worth of games are not going to be easy to squeeze in, though if you’re looking at pushing the postseason into December, that buys you back a month. I’ll take the over for now, though that’s probably just me being optimistic.

The new Jay Electronica is of course what everyone is talking about. Its dope lyrically but…where did the drums go?? Are too many people on this Roc Marciano style of rhyming over violins, etc and not drums? (DAINJA)

IVES – The first listen didn’t impress me nearly as much as I expected, but it’s gotten better with more listens. That said, I don’t think Jay Electronica’s flow was that great, and I thought the production/mix was terrible. As for drums/no drums, I don’t think you need drums to have a good album, but the beats on that album were mostly trash.

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions. We will do this again next week, so please join us and have your questions ready — Ives

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