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German order may prevent Bundesliga from restarting in May

The German Bundesliga might not be restarting next month, after all.

German chancellor Angela Merkel announced on Wednesday that the order banning large gatherings in the country will be extended until August. The ruling — issued in an attempt to battle the coronavirus outbreak — does not permit gatherings of more than two people in public and as such may prevent the Bundesliga from resuming next month.

Germany’s top flight was aiming to restart its campaign in May with closed-door matches, but the amount of people needed in stadiums in order to hold games would be in the dozens.

Making matters even more difficult is that each of Germany’s 16 states can create their own restrictions with regards to combating the coronavirus, which could lead to some areas permitting the hosting of matches while others do not.

Leagues across the world have come to a halt in recent weeks because of the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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