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Altidore admits past Feyenoord interest, hints at possible Netherlands return

Jozy Altidore had a successful period in the Netherlands earlier in his career and the U.S. Men’s National Team veteran admits he was targeted by one of top Eredivisie clubs last summer.

Playing two seasons with AZ Alkmaar from 2011-13′, Altidore was chased by Feyenoord in the Summer of 2019 despite being under contract with MLS side Toronto FC. Altidore has remained in Canada with the Eastern Conference club, but hasn’t ruled out a possible return to Holland in the future.

“I was in contact with Feyenoord when Jaap Stam was a coach there,” Altidore said in an interview with VICE Sports. “But it did not become concrete. I would love to play in a club like Feyenoord, AZ or PSV again. That would be huge.”

“I’m fine here now. When I go back to Europe, I want to go to a place like Holland, a place where I know there are good players around me and people have the same idea of ​​football. If not? Then I’ll stay here. But I love the Eredivisie.”

Altidore moved to Alkmaar in 2011 after an unsuccessful spell with La Liga side Villarreal. After going out on three separate loans from Villarreal and only earning 25 combined appearances in Spain, Altidore found his groove in the Netherlands.

Scoring 51 goals in 93 combined appearances for Alkmaar, Altidore also helped the club with the KNVB Cup in 2013. After another unsuccessful move, this time to English Premier League club Sunderland, Altidore has since been one of the top strikers in MLS.

2020 was the start of Altidore’s sixth season for TFC, where he’s scored 72 goals in 141 appearances. He helped the club win the 2017 MLS Cup, while also winning one Supporters Shield (2017), and three consecutive Canadian Championships (2016-18′).

A longtime veteran of the USMNT, Altidore continues to earn appearances under head coach Gregg Berhalter. He’s scored 42 goals in 117 career caps for the Americans and has provided an experienced presence to several young forwards trying to break into the first team.

Altidore signed a new three-year contract extension with TFC back in Feb. 2019, keeping him locked up through 2022. Should Altidore leave TFC at some point in 2020, it would leave Greg Vanney’s side with a lack of proven goalscorers at the striker position.

There is no official date for the start of the MLS season, although several teams are expected to resume individual training this week.



  1. Hahaha damn……umm, I am definitely not going to take that bait on this one. If he thinks he can still play and produce in the Eredivisie at 30, then, until proven otherwise, it is what it is. ?

  2. I’m a big Jozy supporter but I don’t see this happening. He’s 30, turning 31 in November. Maybe if AZ is looking for a 3rd striker a la Pizzaro at Bremen.

  3. Please do it man!! You’re our best striker and MLS is beneath you, despite what some people say on this site.
    Best of luck Jozy!! Get em.

  4. “I’m fine here now. When I go back to Europe, I want to go to a place like Holland, a place where I know there are good players around me”
    The reason he made it in Holland is because there were not so very good players around him.
    The reason he didn’t make it in Spain and England is because everybody around him was much better.

  5. Why on earth would he stay in a league where he is heckled non-stop. Yeah Jozy go somewhere where you aren’t villainized. All of you Jozy haters are ridiculous. His accomplishments make him one of the US’ all time best and just because he didn’t live up to your expectations of being the next Drogba you go all hurt-whiny-baby-head and act out like he stole your girlfriend, emasculated your pitbull and then keyed your leased Beemer. People who throw so much vitriol at professional athletes for not being good enough at their trade really need to seek professional help (um…they’re professional athletes and you…are not. Get over yourselves).

    • Three MLS Cup finals for a team that had never made the playoffs, CL final, one Cup one Supporter’s Shield, MLS Cup MVP, 72 goals across all competitions in 141 matches. Kaka made slightly more for Orlando City and scored 25 in 78 and never sniffed the playoffs. Gio Dos Santos sane salary 26 in 77 one conference quarter and one conference semi. Paying Marco Fabian 2 mil for seven goals and to be beaten out by an 18 year old academy product a month into his time in Philly a bigger over pay. You could even argue paying Zlatan 14 million over two years for 1 playoff win was a bigger over pay.

      • If he goes to the Netherlands and ” IF” He wont be pay 1/5 of he’s making right now. Flop in Spain and Flop in England. As we say in spanish ” Un tronco florido “

      • Hernando you said “most overpaid MLS player ever” yet he’s outperformed other players who have been paid the same or more. Gio doesn’t make at Club America what he made at Galaxy. No MLS player over 25 will make more outside of MLS unless they go to China or Gulf states.

      • Yeah, because most of the MLS players are overpaid, as simple as that. 80% of the MLS players will be playing only in the second and third division in Europe.

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