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USL teams set to return to limited training on May 11

The USL’s training moratorium is about to be lifted.

USL announced on Wednesday morning that Championship and League One teams can return to limited training beginning May 11 if they so choose. USL had suspended practices and closed team facilities through May 15 due to the coronavirus outbreak, but has changed that decision for clubs based in areas where stay-at-home orders have been lifted.

For teams that can work together, trainings are required to be non-contact and cannot consist of more than four players each. Additionally, only one member of a team’s coaching staff and one athletic trainer are allowed to be on the field during every practice.

Training is voluntary for players, and clubs are required to notify USL of the plans to return to their respective facilities prior to re-opening.

The 2020 Championship season came to a halt shortly after starting in early March because of the coronavirus pandemic. The League One campaign had not yet started. The USL League Two season has been cancelled.


  1. This doesn’t change much from what I’ve seen around here locally. About 3-4 guys get together and do a little training at the local parks. It doesn’t look like it’s with a coach, but they are keeping themselves as busy as they can. All this is doing is making it more “official” as you are still limited with only 4 guys participating.


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