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Bradley on Trump: “We have a president who is completely empty”

Michael Bradley has been one of the leaders of the U.S. Men’s National Team for several years now and the veteran midfielder wasn’t shy in his criticism of President Donald Trump.

Bradley spoke Thursday on a conference call with reporters on a wide range of topics, but made his opinion known on the leadership of the United States. He is the latest American soccer player and professional athlete to show his support against racism and police brutality following the tragic death in Minneapolis of George Floyd.

“There is zero leadership in our country right now,” Bradley said, according to TSN. “We have a president who is completely empty. There is no moral bone in his body.”

“I hope people can go to the polls [on Nov. 3rd] and understand the future of our democracy is at stake. We need to think about what four more years with Trump as President would mean. How terrible that would be for so many people.”

Many cities across the United States and recently Europe have been protesting following Floyd’s tragic death at the hands of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Chauvin was filmed with his knee on Floyd’s throat for approximately eight minutes and 49 seconds, with Floyd saying “I can’t breathe”.

Chauvin has since been charged with second degree murder while three additional police officers have been charged with aiding and abetting. Bradley’s USMNT teammates Christian Pulisic, Zack Steffen, and Weston McKennie all have voiced their support against police brutality and racial injustice and the 32-year-old opened up about the ongoing events.

“I have spent the last 10 days watching, listening to it all and I don’t even know where to start. There is so much that needs to be said. I’m horrified, angry, disgusted and embarrassed we live in a world where Black men, women, children fear for their lives daily,” Bradley said.

“We have to find real ways to front this head on. What we have been doing, the way we have been living is not good enough. It’s not enough to say ‘you don’t want to talk about’. We all have to do more, educate ourselves more. Have difficult conversations.”

“White men, women, children need to listen,” Bradley said. “We need to understand there is a perspective in a world totally different to one they are used to. We have failed the Black community, other communities of color we have failed. I need to educate myself more.”

As for Bradley’s injury, he returned to small group training along with his Toronto FC teammates on Thursday for the first time since March. Bradley suffered an ankle injury in the final stages of the 2019 MLS season and had to undergo surgery in January.

He was expected to miss four months of action, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic halting the MLS season, Bradley should be ready to go for the upcoming Orlando tournament in July. Bradley has helped TFC to one MLS Cup, three Canadian Championships, and one Supporters’ Shield title during his time in Toronto.


  1. And by the way – don’t ever do this again. You’re lucky Ives employed you. I’m not sure how else you’d put food on the table. Write about soccer. Do your job.

  2. Here’s a guy with parents that named him Larry Henry. And for some absurd reason, I knew that he authored this “article” instantaneously after seeing the headline. If I can figure that out, imagine how stupid this guy actually is, with the three first names and so on. Remarkable.

  3. Limbaugh and Hannity are both college dropouts, a 1/3 of the country hangs on their every word including the President. Why are they entitled to share their opinions but not athletes?

  4. Yes Michael. Go educate yourself. Read the NYTimes 1619 project. Study Critical Theory. Take a knee and repent. Confess. You know it feels right. And be cautious looking at data and stats. There are many hate facts. Who/whom. Not what.

  5. @ TalentExpert

    All over this country! Wake up. Keep up. Listen up. Your neighbors need you. Cheap engagement will not be sufficient. Listen to the stories and respond appropriately.

    • The Texas two stepper prays when he goes to bed. And I mean literally, as in he prays on his knees, to his God. “Your neighbors need you”

      They’ve had me from the get go, you absolute imbecile. How dumb can you be to assume the rest of us are as dumb as you? again, it’s just remarkable

  6. SBI outing the racists among its readers. We see you. MB breaking it down as he has always played – 100% all out.

  7. Yes, there are rioters committing destruction in places. Unfortunately, every country has that group that hurt the purpose of the majority of people that protest peacefully (some more than others). But in the end, that does not mean AT ALL that we ignore the cause and purpose of the protesting. We don’t give in to the distraction. Yes, hopefully the rioting and looting will stop. But still, we cannot ever just go back to the “normal.” Why can’t Bradley have a platform and a voice? Last I saw, freedom of speech and expression are rights. He has just as much of that right as we do. He’s wisely using that platform. If you just want the soccer as a distraction to ignore systematic racism, then you are just as much of the problem, no matter your background, ethnicity, race, etc.

    • Because these people ( the Althletes ) play safe and are ” political correct “. Instead the protesters see the opportunity to riot and loot as an excuse.

      • There’s a difference between protesting and rioting … don’t automatically equate both with the protesters and rioters. That’s an ignorant outlook.

  8. One item I thought was very import in Mr Bradley’s statement:

    “We have failed the Black community, other communities of color we have failed. I need to educate myself more.”

    Very true. Why have we failed them Mr Bradley, and just some facts please.

  9. Scott e Dio, you keep claiming you’re an immigrant who has deployed and has a small business, etc but yet you refuse to address what’s going on in the country to minorities and instead chooses to focus on riots?! Why is that? It seems you are the ignorant one and this is not a liberal or republican thing but a humanity issue! If there are people still serving with your mindset, then we as a country are really in trouble!

    • I agreed with Scott e Dio 110% You can protest but not use it as an excuse to destroy and loot the city. Did you believe that the looters were prostesting the killing of George Floyd? Of course not, they were there just to loot the stores and the governors and mayors were responsibles not to supress them.

    • I grew-up in L.A., most Blacks are killed by cartels, yet not a word.
      How about the black men killed during the riots? Retire cop (77year old grandfather of 10) killed by other blacks. Focus what is killing in communities.
      About black people lost their jobs or business? because the riot? A black trucker father of 5 lost house because rioters burn it down. You harm the minorities by not researching the facts or believe the media all time.

      I had to live South-Central L.A. because we had nothing but the will to work,and it was violent and racist towards us but we kept on working until my family save up to move midtown L.A. My family manage mini-mart in South-Central L.A., the Salvadorian Corredor, Hunting Park, Little Armenia (in Hollywood area).

  10. Say the man who always makes it about himself on the USMNT. How many people get blocked so Bradley can always be relevant? Another Bradley save-face puff piece.

    • If this was true, which it’s not, Bradley is not to blame as he can’t pick himself for any roster, that’s on management! Bradley has been the best central midfielder for the USNT for a decade, so until someone, anyone, steps up to take his place this is where we are. We can’t even get our younger, semmingly more talented cm’s to stay healthy long enough to see if they can take Bradley’s spot, so again until somoene shows that they are physically, tactically and technically better than “baldy” this is where we are!

      • Thats a matter of opinion and no Jermaine Jones was a force in the 2014 World Cup while Bradley stumbled.

        Jermaine Jones was the best midfielder from 2011-2016.

  11. Proud of Bradley, Weston, Sancho, and every player who has spoken in favor of change. Change is not a threat. Change is what society needs, long-term. That’s what these mainly peaceful protests advocate.

  12. Good for Bradley for sticking up for friends and coworkers. I get it if you don’t want politics, but it isn’t Bradley’s fault that the current President would never stick up for Bradley’s friend and coworkers.

    • So Mayors and Governors have nothing do with these riots? Mayors and Governors have more influence in your community, income, crime, pollution etc…reason why many Americans could move to another state (like me from CA to FL).

      Note: people are getting killed because riots. Like David Dorn

    • Bradley’s message is important given the state of the world. I’m glad he said what he said. If you can’t take it, think about why.

      • If Bradley retires from the USMNT tomorrow, then his message makes sense and he is real. If says all this and continues to block minutes from everyone else on the USMNT, knowing his family name is powerful and in control, then he is 100% full of it. You cant call out the President of this great nation, when you have been the most empty and unequal soccer player in this country.

      • He is a has been. I could care less about his opinions on life. I used to care about him wreaking havoc on the field, but he hasn’t done that in years. He was responsible for us not making the World Cup. He should go home.

      • I don’t understand when Americans say politics and sports don’t mix when it has been there for generations. The mere fact you have the anthem and flag IS A POLITICAL statement. Candidates at games is political! For the most part, people just get upset when their opinions don’t align. That is your right, just don’t pretend there isn’t already some politics in sports.

    • Bradley does not pick himself for national team rosters, the coaches do. Why? Ask the coaches; From Arena to Berhalter, they all felt he was an important player for the team and none found a player who could remain healthy and was good enough to replace him. Adams, maybe, but he was injured much lately, Jones career largely ended due to injury.
      As long as the coaches believe he is the best player in his role, they will continue to call him up and when they no longer think so, they won’t.
      Bradley should accept the invitations that he receives if he is healthy.

      • You do know that Arena and Berhalter are close to the Bradley’s? Right? are we forgetting this? on purpose?

      • Perhaps, but not so close to Klinsmann who also found that Bradley was the best option available. . I believe that all of them including Bob used soccer as their measuring stick, not blood or friendship. Coaches who do that do not last long in a league or as a National team coach. Arena, Bradley, Berhalter all were/are successful league coaches.

    • We are all human, whether or not we are soccer players, commentators, or spectators. This is time for all of us to examine how injustices impact or friends and coworkers. MB was doing just that and, sadly, that’s newsworthy because we as a society don’t do it frequently enough.

      • Bradley is empty minded without a clue about “blue collar” non-whites or small business immigrant like me. I am also a vet.

      • Serie A was not politic in the 80’s-90’s.
        Whole Lazio with Fascism (a bunch sticks) was in 2000’s, also Italians are not PC, blunt and Nationalist/Regionalistic.

        I heard very racist and xenophobic remarks out mexican media during soccer games, yet no American complain about it.

    • bro really? This ain’t even politics any more. This is whether fellow human beings can live in this country without fear of persecution due to the color of their skin. This is about whether we will hold those responsible for their crimes against civilians and humanity. Mb is using his platform to raise awareness and you’re using a websites comments to be a lil bitch.

      • Where in the U.S. are we not holding those responsible for their crimes against humanity ?

      • Fear having my business burn down, have higher taxes and insurance, and struggle to support my family? Millions immigrants like me work hard then their dream get burn-down by ignorance rioters. You’re a clueless child.

      • I am immigrant that worked to earn enough for his business and served proudly this three deployment. Blame so-called “liberals” mayors where these killings happen. You’re ignorant child that follow trends.

        Stop being a child with your “petty racist insults”,

      • Right, but If you want to protest why they have to loot and destroy the stores? Its any logic in that?

    • That was my first thought, but the whole thing about George Floyd is systemic racism and that has been an important part of soccer internationally, not just in the US. It can’t be ignored any more than we can ignore COVID-19 and its effect on both sports and society.

    • You’re complaining about SBI including politics in their articles, yet you are here posting several comments on those articles ensuring it will continue. Who is ignorant?

      • You. This is “soccer” and not about pushing your politic opinions.
        I blame people “white ignorant idiots” that start defending looters that destroy minorities’ business, destroy their communities, and looters that murder minorities.

        A black trucker (father of five) had house burn down by these riots. Or murder of David Dorn (a black grandfather of ten).

    • This is a story at the intersection of soccer and culture as soccer players and sports in general play a significant part in our culture. Try to keep up

      • I lived Uruguay, Argentina and Italy…trust me soccer was the working-man escape and forget about politics and economics hardship. In Afghanistan, me with my fellow brothers played soccer with Afghanistan’s National Army or fellow NATO allies, never touched politics or religion and bonded as “human being” with soccer.

      • What are you talking about, Scott? Soccer in Italy is as political as it gets in the world of sports. I’ve lived all over the world too and soccer has always been deeply intertwined with politics and society.

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