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Inter Miami aiming to add three “significant” players as soon as possible


Inter Miami has long talked about wanting to round out its inaugural roster with two more player signings.

Well, you can now make that three.

Inter Miami sporting director Paul McDonough spoke to Extra Time Radio shortly after the MLS is Back tournament draw was held on Thursday, and he revealed the team is looking to add three reinforcements as soon as possible. McDonough cited having budget “flexibility” for the increase in desired targets, as well as the fact that Inter Miami will soon hold the top spot in the MLS Allocation Order.

“I always thought I’d add two more. I think we’ll add three significant pieces,” McDonough told Extra Time Radio. “We’re No. 1 in the allocation ranking now. We’ll definitely use that, and then we’ll add a (Designated Player) and still another TAM-level player.”

Officially, LAFC sits atop the allocation order right now. The looming signing of versatile Honduran international Andy Najar is, however, going to require the Western Conference side to use it.

Once that move is finalized, Inter Miami will slide into the top spot. The plan is to use the No. 1 positioning to further bolster a squad that also has an open Designated Player spot, which is expected to be filled with a goal-scoring striker.

“I think the DP will be an attacking player, definitely,” said McDonough. “I’ve always said I want to get a TAM (central midfielder), and then the third player via allocation gives us a lot of flexibility. With the guys on the allocation list, we could go with an attacking player or somebody wide.”

As for the timeline on making such moves, McDonough stated he would like to do so as soon as the MLS transfer window opens back up. The Inter Miami executive added he would prefer to sign all three players before the MLS is Back tournament commences next month, but that it was currently out of his hands.

“The pandemic came and now really the biggest problem for me is trying to figure out when the league is really going to let us add players,” said McDonough. “I’ve got roster space, I’ve got cap flexibility, I want to add players before we play in Orlando. I don’t know if they’re going to let that happen.

“Everyone else has been able to do it, so if I’ve got the money and I’ve got the space, I want the freedom to be able to do that. If they don’t let that happen then we’ll compete in the tournament and then we’ll look to add players after the tournament for the last portion of the season.”

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