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Miazga involved in post match fight following Reading loss

Matt Miazga returned to Reading’s starting lineup on Saturday, but looks likely to miss the next few matches due to suspension.

Miazga started and played 90 minutes for the Royals in their 2-1 road defeat to Derby County after missing last weekend’s match due to a hamstring injury. The U.S. Men’s National Team centerback however saw a straight red card along with Rams midfielder Tom Lawrence due to a fight after the final whistle.

Both players pushed one another and each threw a punch which was seen by the refereeing crew. Miazga and Lawrence had to be broken up by their teammates to avoid any further confrontation.

Miazga won five of his eight duels and completed 83% of the his passes in his first match back, but ultimately will be judged for his post match incident which could see him suspended three matches.

As for the club, they are 11 points out of the final playoff promotion spot with seven matches to play.

Miazga’s international teammate Duane Holmes played the final 21 minutes for Derby County, a win which moves them three points from sixth place Preston North End.


  1. Yes, miazga has fight. But the incident reminds us more so that he’s mired at Reading and has stagnated over a prolonged period now.

    The reality is that neither Miazga, or CCV for instance, have been able to take the next step. No one will remember this incident and it doesn’t hinder his chances at being called up. Merit, though, indicates he’s got a lot of work to do and a lot to prove. Remember, merit. Follow the merit. Especially in the current climate.

  2. Given this incident Miazga is now going to be baited not only in league play but also when he plays for the USMNT. Berhalter will be aware of this too and this incident may have just diminished his chances of donning the US shirt.

  3. It’s reactions to moments like this that make me question the general intelligence of some of the people in our fan base. This isn’t passion and grit, nor is it the kind of toughness that makes a team better. This is a post-match fight. It’s unsportsmanlike, unprofessional, immature, and ridiculous. Lauding this kind of behavior and praising it as though we need this kind of thing, pretending that it makes us better, or clapping for Miazga in this instance is almost as moronic as the behavior itself.

    I don’t mind when players stand up for themselves, their teammates, or their clubs. I don’t mind a little pushing and showing, psychological warfare during a match, or things of that sort. This is not any of those things. Those of you who think this is good or something we need to see in the USMNT need to grow up.

    • That’s not “a little bit of fight”—it’s indiscipline and immaturity. That’s not Gooch staring down Jared Borgetti—it’s a petulant kid who is needlessly a liability to his team.

      On talent and ability, he shouldn’t be near the USMNT first eleven.

    • An absolutely ridiculous statement. He’s now suspended for at least one match if not more. Reading is probably safe from relegation but if he misses a couple matches it could get a lot tighter. A needless red card after the match during qualifying or an international tournament and you’ve left your team down a man and unable to replace him in the middle of your backline. There’s a big difference in bite and stupidity, walk away the match was over.

      • gaffer Bowen said:

        On the red cards for Lawrence and Miazga: “From what I know about it, Matt has reacted. I’ve been told he was headbutted and he swung an arm and caught the fella.

        “You can’t argue with it and it is two red cards. When someone puts a head into you, you shouldn’t do it. I won’t forgive him as he has cost his team-mates as he won’t be available [for games coming up].” BBC

      • The usmnt lacks toughness right now, people were applauding Miazga when he went at the short kid from Mexico.

    • Sorry, you’re confusing toughness with being a punk and a bully. Adams and McKennie are stepping up the right way and learning to play vital roles in their teams. Both are tenacious and have the hustle we need more of—chasing down balls and not backing down from challenges. McKennie chased down and won a 20/80 ball a couple of weeks ago against Frankfurt or Leverkusen that was more impressive to me than his goal. I don’t disagree that we need some more grit and toughness in the spine of our national team, but I do disagree that Miazga’s hot headedness is either of those things. Kid’s a twerp.

    • Giant difference between a tough challenge or trash talking during a match and getting into a “fight” after a match. Walk away the match is over move on, what he did didn’t help his team in anyway and acting like that for the NT wouldn’t help either.

      • He walks away and people would be saying he was a punk for not standing up for himself. Not saying what he did was right but I’m glad he did

      • As a former player and coach that attitude is needed and wanted, Maybe wrong time ok but not a lot to lose. Shows passion and he is still fighting till the end

  4. “Both players pushed one another and each threw a punch”…more of a bitch slap than a punch. That being said should have held his temper better and let the Ram’s player be ejected for the headbutt


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