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Galaxy and Katai part ways after racist posts by Katai’s wife

The LA Galaxy have parted ways with Serbian Winger Aleksandar Katai, announcing his departure two days after the 29-year-old’s wife posted racist remarks on her Instagram story in response to the George Floyd protests.

Tea Katai posted a picture of the protestors with a caption in Serbian that translates to, “Kill the shits.” Another depicted a Black woman running and carrying shoeboxes with the caption: “Black Nikes Matter.”

While the posts were taken down quickly, Galaxy fans reacted immediately as they shared screenshots across social media. Galaxy fans demanded justice for Floyd and the removal of Katai from the team’s roster.

On June 3, Katai released a statement addressing his wife’s remarks and assuring Galaxy fans that he neither shared nor tolerated the views expressed in the posts, and he takes full responsibility for the mistake.

The Galaxy met with Katai the following morning to discuss the comments made by his wife. No information was disclosed about the meeting, however, less than 24 hours later, the club made the announcement.

The Galaxy signed the Serbian free agent in December using Targeted Allocation Money. Katai spent the previous two seasons with the Chicago Fire, where he had 18 goals and 12 assists in 64 appearances.

Katai was brought in to be a replacement for French winger Romain Alessandrini, who occupied a Designated Player spot.


  1. Two thoughts on this. Not surprised. Most Eastern Europeans I’ve encountered are hella racist. Second, it wasn’t him who posted it but his wife so this kind of falls into guilt by association to a certain extent. I’m sure he decided it was best to leave after that in order to avoid drawing more negative attention to himself and the club.

  2. At the end : They’re no protesting the tragic death of George Floyd , they just want to loot and destroy the country and thats it.! right?

    • The system you defend so vigorously and the people in charge of it do no to like you. As an immigrant with very limited education they would have no problem putting a bullet between your eyes and leave you in the middle of the street for other like you to see.
      The same goes for your mother, father, wife, daughter son….
      To them you’re less than human.
      This is what the riots are all about.

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        Why not protest racist Chinese Communist? killing of Muslims, Tibetans, Catholics, and other non-Han. And arresting 1,000’s of Black Africans and blame them CONVID 19?

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        You assume all the looters are blacks.

      • HERNANDO, like MLS, We-The-People are going to weed out racism where ever it hides its ugly face……in other words BRACE FOR IMPACT buddy!!!

    • Irrelevant. The Galaxy are a PRIVATE entity. Your First Amendment rights protect you from GOVERNMENT attempting to suppress your speech. Moreover as someone who probably took a citizenship test, it’s even more inexcusable you can’t grasp this simple concept.

    • Absolutely none, just because she ask the source of those nike? The galaxy should send free tickets to the looters.

      • They’re spoiled and don’t understand World outside U.S or Canada.
        The MLS won’t go far fans (child-less boys) like these.

  3. Where is Keeping it Real? Surely this is a perfect example of how it is prudent to discuss “politics” at this time regardless of your position in society. If you remain silent you still have made a choice.

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      • Zero tolerance to someone calling for police to kill fellow human beings, which is what Tea Katai did.

      • Do I need to explain racism to you?? So the language “KILL THE SHITS” is okay with you????? Lol, wow…..

      • Senor Peralta- It’s cowardly to condemn looters & rioters, and not condemn, or mention anything about the abuse of force that was used against Mr. Floyd. You & Scott have dropped many of comments on articles and never once mentioned that your fellow Americans,
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