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Luchi Gonzalez confirms Reggie Cannon’s looming FC Dallas exit


If all goes to according to plan, Reggie Cannon could bid farewell to FC Dallas and MLS as soon as this week.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez confirmed on Monday afternoon that Cannon is set to leave the team to pursue an opportunity overseas. Gonzalez did not specifically mention which team Cannon was headed to, but recent reports have stated that Portuguese first division side Boavista is the right back’s next landing spot.

“I know things are finalizing, so he has to be healthy for that opportunity,” said Gonzalez. “I’m sure the club or the league or whoever will announce it when it’s final, but we’re really proud. I’m personally really proud of Reggie.”

Cannon, who turned pro with FC Dallas in 2017, was absent from the club’s match-day roster in this past Saturday’s 3-1 win over Minnesota United. The 22-year-old defender was, however, in attendance at the game at Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas, watching on as a spectator ahead of the expected completion of his move abroad.

“He’s been waiting on this for over a year,” said FC Dallas veteran Ryan Hollingshead. “There were talks about him getting transferred as far back as last summer, and I know that he’s been talking about it even further back than that. It’s always been a goal and dream and desire of his.”

For FC Dallas, Cannon’s looming departure means the team will have to find someone to fill the void at right back.

Hollingshead did so in the recent victory vs. Minnesota United, but Gonzalez also named players like Bryan Reynolds, Bryan Acosta, and Bressan as potential replacements for the U.S. Men’s National Team youngster on Monday.

“We’ve been preparing almost six months to a year knowing that this was a possibility and knowing we have the pieces to step up,” said Gonzalez. “Right now we’re not looking outside at this point. We’re looking within our roster for guys to step up.”

As for Cannon, he could finalize his transfer as soon as this week. Even if he does not, the belief is that he will depart FC Dallas in the near future to begin his new adventure.

“This is just a good timing for Reggie to take the next step,” said Gonzalez. “It’s good timing for our club to look from within and have someone step it up and see who the next Reggie Cannon will be for the team. It’s just part of the process.

“We’re not afraid to transfer players. We need to make sure there’s a viable business in terms of transfer for the club so we can keep investing and growing.”


  1. This is a good move for both club and player. Cannon obviously wants to challenge himself in Europe. FCD gets a cash injection from the transfer fee. There’s no reason to think Cannon can’t be replaced by a better player. All clubs, even massive ones, do this. It’s time for MLS clubs to do the same.

    • IF they were getting rid of Cannon for $2 million AND signing big players like most MLS teams, THEN you can compare them to other “buying” clubs.
      Just saying Real Madrid sold one of their players for $2 million too, is just misleading.

    • Let me know when they sign the better player. I will hold my breathe, but I say they will instead bring up a young guy they are looking to move.

  2. The population of Dallas is 1.35 million
    Porto ( with two teams, Boavista being the lesser of the two ) has populiaton of 200k
    even if you split in half, you shouldn’t, that leaves 100k. The suburbs, of Dallas…. Frisco, Plano, Mckinney all have more than that.
    Boavista is 117 years old and has won 1 league championship.
    So while Dallas SELLS to a Portugal team with ZERO ability to grow like a Dallas team can and the rest of MLS is BUYING from River Platte and Boca Juniors, teams that have played in club world cups.|
    Dallas is pitching their fans, that the way to beat those other teams is to be a farm club to a team that finished 12th in Portugal last year.
    And people are eating it up !
    you have to be kidding me.

    • I get what you are saying QWASITS but population in the metro area has nothing to do with it. I live in North Dallas and am cool with this move. All sports teams make the majority of their revenue off tv. What tv revenues does Boavista have and how does it compare to Dallas? I’m betting it’s more.
      The DFW metroplex has more people then every city in England except London. So by your logic Dallas should be bigger then 90% of all English clubs. But we know that’s ridiculous. Even the low tier EPL teams makes tens of millions off the leagues tv deals, a number no MLS Ream can touch.

      • Of course Dallas should be a bigger club than teams in England….but that will take time as those teams are heavily funded by TV contracts including teams bigger than MLS teams by many multiples and way too few people watch soccer in Dallas which I get (I don’t get it actually Kyle Rote Jr was over 45 years ago )
        What doesn’t take time is not being a selling team to the 12th place team in Portugal. That time passed a LOOOONG time ago, except for Dallas evidently.
        I love Portugal and have nothing against no money teams….even Dallas. I am just stating MLS should NOT be selling players like Cannon. $2 million
        What are they going to do with $2 million? Make the owner better off and lose. That is all.
        Dallas needs to quit living in 2000 and move into 2020. The sounders said, no Morris is NOT going to the bundesliga, he is staying here. 2020.
        Me trolling….
        Next up sell Pomykal for nothing. I do hope they can get $3 million for him!
        The owner will be so happy! Then…..I can hardly wait for Joe Shmo, 17 year old to play for them before moving on to Colorado for some first and second round draft picks. That will win them their first MLS championship after trying for 25 years.

  3. I love how they tell the fans they are “growing”white
    Just like my Mariners baseball team. Last place for 45 years, but the future is GREAT

    • Quit … you seem to be quite hyperbolic. Among other things the Mariners have not been in last place for 45 years. Accuracy gets your comments taken more seriously than ranting hyperbole.

    • Where your whole argument falls apart is that every team is trying to win. With the exception of 6 to 8 teams at most there not. Are they hoping they have enough pieces to get lucky come playoffs sure. What most teams are looking for is being competitive. If Cannon was an attacker it might be hard to sell him for 2 mil but fans aren’t packing the stands to see their RB. With the full 2 mil FCD can buy affordable veteran attackers or to be competitive. There are three main reasons to sell even one it builds your brand if Cannon does well, so it adds to value for Pepi or Che. Second if Cannon is sold on to a larger club FCD gets additional money. Finally, FCD made nothing off the sale of McKennie, it makes financial and fan support sense to have their academy players sign with them to be sold on as Cannon did instead of have them turn down deals and leave for free as McKennie did. If you are the Hunt’s and you can’t spend like ATL, Sea, Tor., or the LA teams this is your best option. Develop a strong academy, the top players you sell on to Europe using that money to buy value priced DPs and using the academy players who aren’t top tier and your youth to fill in the roster. Your top players may not be as big as LAFC but your 6-11 are going to be better. Fans are going to support your club because you’re the plucky overachiever and they’ll love to see your players playing in Europe.

  4. “We’re not afraid to transfer players. We need to make sure there’s a viable business in terms of transfer for the club so we can keep investing and growing.” — I can’t stress how much I appreciate MLS clubs finally adopting this philosophy.

    • The strategy of NOT trying to won?
      That is the strategy you think mps teams SHOULD adopt?
      I disagree though. My counter…the whole world. “Selling teams” that have lost for over 100 years and counting.

    • No matter how much MLS can pay, they will never be able to compete with the top European clubs due to the Champions and Euefa tournaments. Players want to play in those matches, there’s only a handful of super clubs that can afford to hold on to their top talent.
      Nothing wrong with selling to European clubs for a profit then reinvesting in the club.

      • Nothing illegal.
        We agree.
        But they won’t win being a selling team.
        Need examples? I have 17-19 of them in every league in the world
        Except one….MLS

  5. Really talented and mature beyond his years. Guy was immediately a dependable, steady defender from day 1 for the Nats while still posing a threat upfield.Plenty of room for growth- glad to see he is pushing himself.


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